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2000 Series Light Status System


The Clinic Room Status System is a method of communication that uses visual light signals to locate and/or summon individuals within a medical facility. The system incorporates:

  • A panel displaying the location of patients and staff
  • A continuous update of all areas within the facility
  • A Room Status System to silently request aid from staff
  • Modifications including order of call placed and/or order of importance


The Light Status System offers an efficient method of communication while avoiding the everyday confusion of loud speakers and pagers. It allows patients to be located and transported without hassle, and it gives staff the ability to request help when required. This Clinic Room Status System effectively eases the patient flow systems of any medical facility such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

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Two versions of the Room Status System are available. The simple version includes a system of 2-way and 3-way switching that is controlled by rudimentary on/off switches known as the “AS” switches. The more complex version of the Light Status System includes the option to program switches known as “MS” switches.

When adding "3 WAY SWITCHING" to the Push Button Stations you will need to account for these added charges:

ADD $45.00 per wall station  /  ADD $150.00 per main panel

The Room Status capabilities include:

  • The option known as sequencing which allows staff to keep track of patients’ order of arrival
    • The Clinic Room Status System tracks the order of a patient’s arrival through the simple pressing of a button outside of the exam room
    • The doctor will be alerted by a flashing light indicating which patient is to be seen next
  • The sequencing function can be customized for each doctor
    • Separate sections can be established according to the specific exam rooms that a doctor uses
    • If a doctor is assigned to rooms 1-3, then these rooms can be separated from the rest of the system
  • The sounding of a steady tone (“1-shot” tone) can be made from the master panel or any annunciator panel to notify the doctor
    • To avoid the need to constantly look for light signals, a doctor’s annunciator panel is capable of sounding with a “beep” for notification of a patient’s location and readiness
    • The lighted buttons could be set to flash to draw attention
    • A light color system is incorporated to indicate which doctor is being summoned and the patient order of arrival or importance

We also offer a Wireless Clinic Light Status System.

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1. Regarding the overall capabilities of our clinic light system:

   a. Simple systems that involve 2-way & 3-way switching can be accomplished using basic on/off alternate action switches (These are identified as the “AS” switches).

   b. More complex systems are available. Here’s an idea of what we can accomplish by using a programmable controller and momentary action switches (These switches are identified as “MS” switches):

       i. Sequencing:  a lighted button is located outside each exam room; this button is pressed when a new patient is placed into an exam room; the system remembers the order in which patients were placed into the rooms…  a flashing button (and possibly a corridor light) indicates the patient who is next in line to be seen by a doctor.

2. This sequencing function can be divided up into several areas of the clinic. (If Dr. Smith only sees patients in rooms 1, 2 and 3, then those three rooms could be sectioned off from the rest of the system.)

 ii.      The master panel or any annunciator panel is capable of sounding a steady tone or a “1-shot” tone when a lighted button is pressed.  As an example, an annuciator panel in doctor’s office could “beep” one time to indicate that the doctor has a patient waiting. An led on the doctor’s panel would identify which room the patient is in.

iii.      Lighted buttons outside the rooms (and corresponding dome lights) can be programmed to toggle between  on, off, slow flash, flash fast, etc.   Example:  the blue lighted button on the panel outside each room could be assigned to Dr. Smith.  A slow flashing blue light could indicate Dr. Smith has a patient waiting. A steady blue light could indicate Dr. Smith is currently in the room with a patient.  A fast flashing blue light could indicate Dr. Smith is with a patient and needs assistance from a nurse.

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