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Aiphone NHX Nurse Call System / Emergency Call Systems

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The NHX CommuniCare System is a UL 1069 listed Nurse Call system providing staff alert and communications for a variety of health care applications: nursing homes, elder-care facilities, clinics, sub-acute wards, and hospitals.

The NHX-50M Master Station is the central point of the CommuniCare system, able to receive two levels of calls and communicate with up to 50 room stations. The optional 30-call add-on selector allows expansion up to 80 stations. The membrane-style control panel is simple to use, has tactile switches, and is mar-resistant and moisture-resistant, resisting damage from spills. The master station includes a handset for voice actuated communication, with a magnetic hookswitch (no moving parts). Controls include TALK button for “push-to-talk” communication, TONE OFF button to silence call tone, and OFF button to conclude communication. Easily adjustable voice and tone volume controls are located on the side, with all other volume controls located on the bottom of the unit.

Routine calls are annunciated with a slow  flashing LED and an intermittent call tone. Calls from a bath station annunciate a faster flashing LED and faster tone. Bedside cord pulled out of patient station sounds rapid tone and activates fast flashing LED. Pick up the handset or press TALK to answer, and the highest priority call will be automatically connected. Hang up handset or press OFF to conclude. To initiate a call, press the room station selector button and TALK button, or pick up handset. Bathroom calls have priority over routine calls, and will be answered first. Otherwise, calls will be answered in the order received.

AiPhone NHX: Nurse Call System (UL 1069 Listed)

AiPhone NHX Install & Operations Manual

aiphone nhx-80x nhx-50x nh-1sa/a nh-2sa/a nurse call bell system


  • One master and up to 80 patient stations
  • Single and dual patient stations
  • Multi-station capability per patient room
  • Three types of call-ins from patient stations: routine call, bathroom call and cord-out trouble call, identified by tone and a blinking LED (with priority according to urgency and time of call)
  • NHR-3TS common area call station is used for common areas
  • Duty station for call annunciation in separate area
  • Optional zone light (max. 4)

Specifications  -  Understanding UL-1069 Requirements

Power Source
Use PS-2420UL x 2
Routine call, urgent bathroom call and cord-out trouble call (up to 5 calls can be displayed on the NHX-50M)
Single and private talk channel, press-to-talk or handset voice-actuation
Call-in Priority
1) Cord-out trouble call, 2) urgent bathroom call and NHR-3TS common area bathroom or staff call, 3) routine call, sub station call-ins on standby connected according to urgency level and time of call
Warning Tones
1) Line-off trouble at bedside or NHR-3TS and duty station (to stop tone on duty station, plug in 2-pin jumper to CN104 in CCU), 2) 90 sec. elapse timer: call tone goes up to HIGH level, 3) 90 sec. off-hook timer: steady tone will notify that handset is off-hook
Subs to CCU: 165’(22AWG) - Duty station to CCU: 65’(22AWG) - CCU to master: 65’(22AWG)
Wire Type
Sub/Duty station to CCU: Aiphone #862208 - CCU to master: Aiphone #862210
Power Source
Powered by CCU (NHX-80X)
10-pin plug-in connector (to NHX-80X), provided with preset volume controls, can verify connection of all sub stations
CCU to master: 65’(22AWG)
Wire Type
CCU to master: Aiphone #862210
NHX Substations
Power Source
Use PS-2420UL x 2
Power Source
Powered by CCU (NHX-80X)
NH-1SA/A and NH-2SA/A: Subs 1~10 setting on SW1, CN1 (6 pin) to sub trunk line, CN2 (8 pin)  for NHR-7A, NHR-4A and zone light, NHR-SP: CN1 (6 pin) to NHX-80X (when NHR-SP is installed,  unplug connector from CN104 on NHX-80X)
Subs to CCU: 165’(22AWG) - Duty station to CCU: 65’(22AWG)
Wire Type
Sub/Duty station to CCU: Aiphone #862208

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