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Apartment Intercom

Apartment Intercom Systems & Building Entry Systems


BEC Audio specializes in many types Apartment Intercom Systems and Apartment Security Systems. Whatever your needs are, for your existing or new apartment intercom system, we have it. We offer Alpha Communications Apartment Intercoms, Tektone Apartment Intercom Systems, Jeron Apartment Intercom Systems, Mircom Apartment Intercom Systems, Auth-Florence Apartment Intercom Systems, Graystone Apartment Intercom Systems, Aiphone Apartment Intercom Systems and Lee Dan Apartment Intercom Systems.

Video Entry Apartment Intercom Systems & Apartment Security

Images of Apartment Intercom System Video Intercom

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Multi-Tenant Entry Security | SECURE BUILDING ENTRANCES

Apartments & Condominiums
Easy to use intercom entry panels and tenant stations for all types of multi-tenant buildings, even those with doormen.

Office Buildings
The Video Entry Intercom System compliments virtual receptionist systems by allowing tenants to view visitors and authorize entry.

High-Rise Complexes
Larger buildings have multiple entrance points such as garages and service entrances. The Video Entry Intercom System can accommodate multiple building entrances and hundreds tenants.

Dormitories & Campus Housing
With custom access codes, card reader integration, and security screening, the Video Entry Intercom provides additional safety features and conveniences for today’s students.

Mixed-Use Buildings
Entry stations for a single door or multiple entrances provide security for residential or commercial tenants.

Assisted Living Communities
Optional panic switches and pull cords can be integrated into the Video Entry Intercom System to alert staff of an emergency with a resident.

This Apartment Video Entry Intercom System is a very attractive cost effective solution for any apartment or condominium project. Whether you have just a few tenants or a multi-floor building, this system will meet your needs. Also makes a great security system for apartments. Read more…

Apartment Intercom System prices

Apartment Video Intercom System

View This (4 WIRE) Villa Video Intercom


Apartment Intercom System Replacements & Upgrade Systems

Our apartment entry systems and apartment security systems include 3-, 4- and 5-wire speaker station versions, a 5-wire handset-type system, and vandal-resistant systems.

Custom vandal-resistant apartment entrance panels are constructed of extruded aluminum with a brushed anodized finish, and a weather-resistant Mylar® speaker protected by a louvered grill and perforated aluminum mesh.

Panels may be configured to accommodate 3-, 4- or 5-wire speaker-type apartment stations, or handset-type apartment stations. Choose an alphabetical directory panel protected by a clear Lexan® lens, or individual name holders beside each button.

Other entrance panel options include surface or flush mount, postal release, and engraved buttons.

Then choose a custom-sized 4-wire stainless steel apartment station, or a handset-type apartment station. Tek-ENTRY® also offers several 4-wire speaker-type retrofit stations, constructed of white vinyl-coated steel. Or select one of our 3-, 4- or 5-wire speaker-type ABS plastic apartment stations in flush or surface mount.


AM642/08    AM642/010     CM492/024
Entrance Panels

Replace Apartment Entry Intercom System Apartment Intercom station Apartment Intercom System room station Apartment Entry Lobby Panel Apartment Entry Panels
Handset Intercom 
Suite Station
IR100E series 
3- or 5-Wire Apartment Station
IR200E series 
3-, 4- or 5-Wire Apartment Station
AM493/08P with
postal release
CM491/016 directory/
button panel

Apartment & Building Entry System Options & Replacements  

Aiphone Apartment Intercom

Alpha Condo Entry Intercom

Apartment Intercom Systems

Door King Apartment Telephone Entry

AiPhone Intercoms Alpha Communications Auth-Florence Door King

Graystone Apartment Intercom System

Lee Dan Apartment Intercom System

Mircom Apartment Intercom Systems

Nutone Telephone Entry Systems

Graystone Intercom Lee Dan Intercom Mircom Intercom Systems Nutone Entry

Pacific Apartment Intercom System

TekTone Apartment Intercom Systems

Linear Telephone Entry

Linear Gate Phone Entry Systems

(Single Family)

Pacific Intercoms Tek-Tone Intercom Linear Apartment System Linear Entry

apartment intercom prices

Replacing, Upgrading Old Apartment Intercom Systems

Many old apartment buildings and condominium buildings have old out dated intercom systems installed in them. New apartment intercom system packages make it very easy to replace or upgrade these old apartment intercom systems.

Apartment Room Intercom Stations

In most cases, all old cabling can be reused with a new intercom system and size options are available so patching walls is typically not required. They are all so adapter plates available if covering old holes becomes difficult. To keep costs down most apartment intercom system replacements include PVC stations. There are other options for these intercom room stations such as stainless steel, and brass.

Apartment Lobby Entry Panels

One of the most important things to check when replacing an old apartment intercom system is the size of the out door apartment lobby button panel. You will often find that a new replacement intercom system is sized to cover this old whole at the main door. However, custom made sizes are available if this size of the existing lobby panel is not standard. To keep costs down most replacements include an apartment lobby panel made of brushed aluminum with plastic buttons for each unit. However, there are many options for these lobby panels such as, brass, stainless steel, and other types of finishes. Options are also available with steel or brass but it's instead of plastic.

Additional Manufacturers of Apartment / Townhome Intercoms
Tek-Tone Apartment Intercom
Auth-Florence Apartment Intercom
Pacific Apartment Intercom
Graystone Mircom Apartment Intercom
Aiphone Apartment Intercom
Leedan Apartment Intercom
Stainless Steel Entrance Panel
Trine Door Strikes
DoorKing Telephone Entry Systems
DoorKing Card Readers / Keypads
DoorKing Residential Gate Intercom
Apartment Intercom
Linear Telephone Entry Intercom
Jeron Apartment Intercom
NuTone Apartment Intercom

Types of Systems Offered

  • Apartment Entry Systems
  • Apartment door systems
  • Apartment doorbell pads and plates
  • Apartment call phones
  • Apartment electronic door systems
  • Apartment door entry systems
  • Apartment building doorbell
  • Apartment building doorbells
  • Apartment building security
  • Apartment building buzzers
  • Apartment intercoms with a variety of door panels 
  • Apartment lobby door intercom
  • Apartment complex security
  • Apartment directory telephone
  • Apartment door release systems
  • Apartment door intercom systems
  • Apartment doorbells
  • Apartment entrance security
  • Apartment entry bells
  • Apartment entry phones
  • Apartment entry phone sets
  • Apartment entry intercom systems
  • Apartment entry systems
  • Apartment intercom phone system
  • Apartment intercoms for small or large buildings
  • Apartment gate entry
  • Apartment gate entry phones with stainless or brass finishes
  • Apartment intercom panels with individual call buttons or keypad
  • Apartment phone intercom
  • Apartment telephone intercom
  • Apartment telephone access control system
  • Apartment video intercom systems
  • Best apartment intercom systems with video surveillance
  • Door entry systems for apartments
  • Door phones for apartment intercom
  • Door entry phone sets for apartment intercom systems
  • Electronic door entry systems for apartment buildings
  • Electronic lock systems for apartment intercom systems
  • Electric locks for apartment buildings and apartment intercoms
  • Lobby intercom
  • Phone panels for apartment entry systems
  • Remote control apartment door lock

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