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Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless Nurse Call Systems | Pendant Emergency Call Systems

ALL Wireless Nurse Call Systems are "Delivered Pre Programmed"

Professional Installations Available

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

We are offering A variety of "Superior Wireless Nurse Call Systems" that happened to be among the most versatile in the industry.

Our Wireless Call Solutions provide senior living communities the ability to efficiently respond to residents in need of assistance, increasing resident safety and peace of mind. These truly affordable wireless nurse call system is designed after years of working face-to-face with administrators, care givers and residents, so the experience of using our Wireless Nurse Call solutions is everything you want it to be and nothing you don't..

Reliable- Our Wireless Nurse Call Systems use proven and tested 900MHz Spread Spectrum technology. Options available for Battery back-up ensures that your system keeps working even in an emergency. Dependable 24/7 monitoring will let you know right away if your system needs attention.

Expandable - Do you want to start small with your Wireless Nurse Call System and expand in the future? No problem. Our solutions, which can be used as a wireless nurse call or emergency call system, are available in THREE OPTIONS so communities can enter at different price points with the ability to share most of our wireless devices between all three options. You can start small and expand in the future without having to replace all of your transmitters and repeaters. New devices are easily installed and work from the moment they are learned into the system. Care givers can now closely monitor individual residents that require special attention, while allowing other residents the independence they desire.

Escalation - Every senior living community runs differently. At BEC, we don't tell you how to use our system. You tell us how you want to use our system. You can customize and Pre-Program your system in which care givers are notified of alerts, set up separate notifications for different wings or buildings, and even receive notifications by email or text message if care givers haven't responded.

Each system is scalable, code-compliant and independently functional:

Patient Wandering Management System

Our nurse call solutions, which can be used as a wireless nurse call, emergency call system, or wireless pendant system are available in THREE OPTIONS  (PC Wireless Nurse Call, MV400, and MV200) so communities can enter at different price points.

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Wireless Nurse Call System UL1069 Edition 7 Certified for Acute and Skilled Care

vision link wireless nurse call systems emergency call nursecall security UL-1069 listed

 Wireless Nurse Call System UL1069 Listed (Version 7) Option Available

Wireless Nurse Call System / Emergency Call System's main advantages are:

  • Wireless Nurse Call System's / Emergency Call System's Paging solution
  • Option for a UL 1069 Edition 7 certification for hospital signaling and nurse call equipment
  • Operates at 900MHz Spread Spectrum
  • Includes resident location down to the room-level
  • Integrate nurse call and wireless fall management with optional silent, local alarm
  • Wireless Emergency two-way intercom communication
  • Instant alerts to nurse pagers & LED displays
  • Easy system installation and expansion
  • Wireless voice messaging throughout the facility
  • Improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs


MV400 Wireless Nurse Call System

400Z Wireless Nurse Call System

The MV400 Wireless Emergency Response System will support up to 300 wireless emergency transmitters including single & dual bedside patient stations, code blue stations, emergency pull cord stations, push button emergency stations, wrist and necklace pendants, smoke detectors, window and door monitoring, and much more. Corridor Dome Lights and pocket pagers are available to enhance staff notification for faster response times.  MV400 Wireless Emergency Call Systems are used extensively in assisted living communities, clinics, group homes, senior apartment buildings and as well as in a variety of security applications. Read More...

MV400 Wireless Nurse Call System / Emergency Call System's main advantages are:

Standard Features

  • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
  • Alarm calls reset at the source
  • Easy user programming
  • 20 character alpha-numeric display
  • User replaceable long-life battery
  • Plug and play installation (System comes PRE-PROGRAMMED)
  • Supports up to 300 transmitters
  • Pocket Pager Integration
  • System watchdog assures flawless operation
Equipment Options
  • Wireless Single & Dual Patient Stations
  • Wireless Emergency Pull Stations
  • Wireless Pendant and Wrist Transmitters
  • Alpha-numeric pocket page alarm notification
  • Wireless Door and Window exit sensors
  • Ventilator alarm with timer
  • Smoke/Motion/Glass breakage sensors
  • Wireless Temperature sensors

MV200 Wireless Nurse Call System

 microvision 200z Wireless Nurse Call  

MV200 Wireless Nurse Call supports up to 48 wireless emergency call stations, pendants or devices and is widely used in clinics as well as assisted living homes.  Exam rooms can be equipped with wireless flush mounted stations with one to three colored LED buttons to signal that assistance is needed.  The wireless consoles will provide an audible tone and visually display the room number or name needing assistance.  Add wireless emergency pull stations in the bathrooms, dome lights over the doors or code blue stations for priority emergencies. Exam rooms, psychiatric wards, procedure rooms, waiting areas, dialysis centers, or any place staff or patients may need to signal that assistance is needed is an excellent location for a Wireless Nurse Call system. Read More...

With a Wireless Nurse Call System's / Emergency Call System's you can be assured that your facility is safe and secure, and that residents’ calls for help will not be missed.

Our Wireless solutions are easy to install and easy to upgrade to from a pre-existing emergency call system. Wireless stations can be mounted just about anywhere in your community, so installation costs are lower than traditional hardwired systems. Wireless also offers the flexibility of being able to reposition stations within rooms to accommodate individual resident needs.

The flexibility and security of a Wireless Emergency Call System can help improve the quality of life for your residents.

Studies have shown that wireless nurse call has several distinct advantages over normal nurse call systems:

  1. Immediate Response: When a caregiver carries a wireless device, they are able to receive patient calls immediately regardless of their location.  This functionality allows them to respond rapidly to patient requests—which greatly improves patient satisfaction and care.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Because a voice conversation through the wireless device can be established with a patient regardless of the caregiver’s location, the number of redundant trips/steps for nurses to provide care is reduced significantly.  This not only increases staff satisfaction, but greatly improves staff productivity as well.333

wireless nurse call made in the USA This Product is Made In The USA

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