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Cornell Area of Rescue Assistance Communication Systems - 4800 Series

Cornell 4800 Digital Area of Rescue refuge assistance

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Cornell Area of Rescue Assistance Communication Systems - 4200 Series

Cornell 4200 Area of Rescue System Analog Emergency Communication

Cornell Area of Refuge Quote

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The Cornell Communications 4200 Series Audio Rescue Assistance System and the 4800 Digital Area of Rescue systems are time proven Area of Rescue Assistance Systems which have received wide industry acceptance and acclaim. Our Area of Rescue system utilizes highly intuitive voice communication capabilities, quickly initiated by simply depressing the call station button, which transmits the signal to a central annunciator panel and optional access to a public telephone line. A single pulse tone and a flashing light notify the caller that an alarm has been received. The caller need not take any other action to communicate with the control station, an important feature when a caller is under stress in an emergency situation.

Area of Refuge Call Response and Management Capabilities

The control station operator, upon receiving a call station signal, activates a zone switch which illuminates both a flashing red LED and a green “voice” LED. By depressing and releasing the “talk” button, voice communication is established for as long as required. Upon completion the appropriate zone button is depressed again; however, the flashing red light continues. If more than one zone is signaling, the control station accepts the calls in the same manner.
When the emergency is resolved, the control station operator pushes a reset switch that restores the entire system to stand-by status. In the event of a wiring fault, each annunciator zone is equipped with a yellow LED that will illuminate and an alarm will sound identifying the area requiring service.

Tough, Durable, and Vandal Resistant Area of Rescue Systems

Vandal Resistant Area of Refuge call stations are standard with all Cornell Communications emergency call systems. This design offers heavy duty switches and speakers along with heavy gauge stainless steel plates and Phillips head screws. Tamper proof screws are available for purchase along with the tool to install them if required. The Cornell Communications 4200 series Area of Refuge system and 4800 Digital Area of Rescue system are available in large and standard sizes and features up to 44 individual communication panels.

Area of Rescue Emergency Signage - by Cornell Communications

Cornell Communications offers a complete line of Rescue Assistance Signage which meet ADA specifications for use with Areas of Rescue. This includes:

  • Powered signs including battery back-up
  • RADIANCE photo luminescent room identification signs
  • Entry and exit direction and location signs

New Products For December - Area of Rescue

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