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atguard wander management systems

Our AtGuard Wandering Management is the industries best solution and helps facilities protect residents / patients from eloping or wandering into unsafe areas.

As most facilities know, wandering and disoriented patients and residents can come to harm and danger if they go astray or wander beyond certain areas within a facility. Minimizing their freedom and access can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety – as well as loss of dignity. The AtGuard Patient Wandering System gives your patients and residents much more freedom while at the same time giving you the ability to keep an eye on them making sure they don’t get into harm’s way. With this wander management system you will have the ability to monitor your residents in a discrete and respectful manner.

AtGuard Wander Management System is an cost-effective patient wandering system for senior living facilities, independent living, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and many others. The AtGuard helps you maintain freedom of movement for your staff and your high functioning residents.

atguard wander management


The "No False Alarm" Patient Wandering Management System


Resident tags are smaller than any others available, and designed to be used with your standard bands, so that they are unobtrusive and comfortable. The system is fully self-contained, and all devices communicate wirelessly, requiring no expensive or complicated cabling. Installation of the Door Controller Package is simple and affordable, and only requires power to operate. small resident tags atguard wander management

AtGuard Wander Management Model:

Model Number





Basic configuration, single code for exit request (when tag is present) and clear alarm. External bypass keypad with one access code. No previsions for timed lock down inputs. This model is best suited as a standalone wander alarm system with or without magnetic locks. With the provided output contacts, the unit can be installed alongside an existing door access control system.



Advanced Configuration, (a magnetic lock must be installed with this unit.) A separate code for staff and visitor bypass. Staff bypass will unlock the door and allow a tag to pass the protected area without an alarm. Visitor codes can be configured in two different scenarios:

1.)  Allow visitors to enter or exit the building when tag is present, the magnetic lock will disengage but an alarm will sound that only the staff code can clear.

2.) Will not allow visitors to enter or exit the building with the visitor code when a tag is present. Only a staff member with the staff code will be able to allow bypass.

AtGuard Wander Management Accessories:

Model Number





The PM-DC-01 adds Perimeter Mode to the WM-SS-01 and WM-SP-01 with inputs for external programmable timer. A switch is provided to manually place the door in or out of perimeter mode. When the switch is set to external inputs, a 24 hour timer can be utilized for evening perimeter lock down.



6 channel staff alert panel with dry contact inputs. Separate audio and visual outputs provide a means to monitor door status from a remote location. When mounted at a remote location such as a nurses station, remote monitoring of door alarms are possible. There is no previsions to clear alarms from the staff alert panel proving a more secure system as a staff member must clear the alarm from the alarming door.



600 pound magnetic lock with, bond sensor, door position sensor.



600 pound weatherproof magnetic lock.

AtGuard Tags and Bands:

61-10100 12 Month Patient Tag with beacon and low frequency capture.

Contact us to learn more about how AtGuard delivers long-lasting security, economy, and a path to brighter future for long-term care residents.


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