MV400 Wireless Nurse Call

MV400 Wireless Nurse Call Systems | Wireless Emergency Call Systems

The MV400 Wireless Emergency Response System will support up to 250 wireless emergency transmitters including single & dual bedside patient stations, code blue stations, emergency pull cord stations, push button emergency stations, wrist and necklace pendants, smoke detectors, window and door monitoring, and much more. Corridor Dome Lights and pocket pagers are available to enhance staff notification for faster response times.  MV400 Wireless Emergency Call Systems are used extensively in assisted living communities, clinics, group homes, senior apartment buildings and as well as in a variety of security applications.

microvision 400z Wireless Nurse Call system

MV400 Wireless Nurse Call System / Emergency Call System's main advantages are:

Standard Features

  • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
  • Alarm calls reset at the source
  • Easy user programming
  • 20 character alpha-numeric display
  • User replaceable long-life battery
  • Plug & Play Installation (System is PRE-PROGRAMMED)
  • Supports up to 300 transmitters
  • Pocket Pager Integration
  • System watchdog assures flawless operation
Equipment Options
  • Wireless Single & Dual Patient Stations
  • Wireless Emergency Pull Stations
  • Wireless Pendant and Wrist Transmitters
  • Alpha-numeric pocket page alarm notification
  • Wireless Door and Window exit sensors
  • Ventilator alarm with timer
  • Smoke/Motion/Glass breakage sensors
  • Wireless Temperature sensors
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Common Wireless Nurse Call System Stations

 This Wireless Nurse Call is a true plug & play nursecall system. Simply plug the console into an a 120 volt electrical outlet, activate a station and the alarm information will appear on the display. If included, a pocket paging transmitter or cellular phone text modem can be plugged in to the nursecall console. The alarms will display on staff pocket pagers and/or cell phones and escalate to any pager, cell phone or group until canceled at the pendant or station that originated the call.  Alarms may even be display on wireless LCD readerboards for additional notification at other nursing stations, staff lounges or wherever needed.

This Wireless Nurse Call system can be used in senior independent living communities, assisted living, medical clinics, long term facilities, and acute care, hospitals, as well as various security applications.  Our patented dome light controller allows the MV400 to provide visual alarm indication using our intelligent corridor dome lights connected in a “daisy chain” on a single pair of wires. 

Start small, think big!  utilizes 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link your residents to your staff. Your facility can start small and think big. Add wireless pendants for a few mobile residents that annunciate at your existing nurse call console. Go wireless when adding a new wing or new building to save on conduit and wiring costs. Trim your remodeling costs with wireless—no wire, no conduit, and easy installation by your own maintenance staff

Flexibility and Growth - MV400 can support up to 300 wireless transmitters that can monitor not just your residents, but any device with a contact closure. You can be easily upgraded to VisionLink Premier with the addition of the PC Server “head-end” which can support up to 65,000 transmitters. VisionLink Premier Wireless Nurse Call offers extensive additional features including call history logs and reports, Windows 7® operating system, the ability to display up to 32 simultaneous alarms, programmable information fields and much, much more.

Staff Mobility - Staff members do not need to stay at the console. Caregivers or security staff can be equipped with pocket pagers for alarm call notification. Each pager will vibrate or tone to indicate an alarm call and the display will show the room number and resident or device name up to 20 characters. MV400 can be used with Vision Link for additional annunciation or as a standalone console to monitor ventilators, exit doors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, equipment on/off activation, security & intrusion devices, whatever your facility requires.

Wireless Nurse Call Applications

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Psychiatric Clinics
  • Convalescent Centers
  • Outpatient Hospitals/Wards
  • Gated Communities
  • Retirement Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools & Campuses


  • Airport Security
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Historic Buildings
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Smoke Detection
  • Motion/Glass Breakage
  • Equipment On/Off
  • Notification
  • IV Pump Monitoring
  • Ventilator alarm notification


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