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Panic Button Systems for Hotels, Schools, Offices or Any Venues

Panic Buttons

If you are looking for panic button systems that don’t have you paying ongoing monthly and annual billing, you’ve come to the right place. We do not charge reoccurring costs for our panic button systems. We offer many options including standalone systems, panic button systems that reside on the facilities WiFi, duress panic button systems that provide staff pendant location down to the room level etc.

In any situation, help is just the press of a button away with our wireless panic button alarm systems. At BEC Integrated Solutions, security is always a top priority and that is why we offer elite systems at an affordable price. Our panic alarm systems have been utilized in schools, businesses and a variety of other commercial and residential settings. We’ve been the industry leader for over 20 years in providing customized security solutions for our customers. Whether you are looking for a more dependable security system or are looking to provide your staff with the latest in security innovation, you’ll find it in our panic alarm systems.

"If Central Station Monitoring is Required" we offer Very Low Costs with our Wireless Emergency Call Systems. Facilities spend as little as 4.00 per/mo or less per user/resident (depending on size). Click Here to Request a Quote

Duress Alarm System Brochure

Duress Alarm Master Console

Wireless Panic System Master Console options

Our panic button alarm systems can serve as an all-in-one security system. We offer several different panic alarm systems that correspond to the size of your facility. Our PC-Based panic alarm system is our most advanced master console and can integrate up to 65,000 wireless transmitters to communicate emergency signals to one central location. We also offer our MV200 and MV400 models which deliver emergency notifications and can track and monitor personnel in your facility. These models all come with a reputation of being a dependable security solution for your facility. They operate on speed and efficiency, giving you the confidence that your panic alarm system is keeping you and your staff safe.

Duress Panic Alarm Push Button Station

These panic alarm systems provide a quick way to alert personnel of an emergency. An alarm push button station can be installed anywhere in your facility while providing a secure connection with security or emergency personnel. Simply press the button and your alarm push button station will take care of the rest.

Panic Button

Wireless Duress Alarms

Panic Alarm Neck Pendants

Enjoy having on-the-go security around your neck with our alarm neck pendants. These panic alarm systems allow you and your staff to move around your facility while still having access to alarm panic buttons. Should an emergency arise, simply press the button on your neck pendant and you will activate emergency services. This extra level of protection gives you added security in your facility.

Other popular wireless panic button alarm components

Several additional components of our panic alarm systems can help boost the security of your facility. Our WNC-SB push button alarm is a durable security solution allowing your staff to press for emergency in a quick and direct way. We also offer our wireless vandal resistant station which can be used to provide an instant emergency signal to security personnel. It’s rugged steel construction and tamper resistant screws make it a secure option for your facility. We also offer a line of pagers and other panic alarm system equipment that can help enhance the overall effectiveness of your wireless duress system.

Wireless pager system

Wireless Panic Button System

Endless Wireless Coverage with Repeaters

Our panic button systems are limitless in their area of coverage for your facility. Whether you have a large facility or a small office, we provide complete coverage with our indoor and outdoor repeaters that extend the range for your panic alarm systems. A single repeater can extend your signal up to 85 feet. The more repeaters you have, the more coverage you can expect from your panic alarm systems. Our suggestion is to place repeaters with adequate spacing to ensure that no transmitters, stations or pendants are further than 80 feet from the nearest repeater. Having these protocols in place will strengthen the signal of your system and provide secure coverage to all corners of your facility.

Benefits of Choosing BEC’s Wireless Duress Alarm System

  • Systems are preprogrammed at no charge
  • Discounted project pricing available
  • Free tech & programming support for the life of the system
  • Professional installation in most areas
school wireless duress alarm

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