Holy Wireless Intercom, Batman!

Holy Wireless Intercom, Batman!

Growing up, Batman was always a favorite Saturday morning cartoon. This billionaire rogue warrior fought crime not with a superpower, but with cool gadgets and a lot of muscle. That’s what made Batman a loved hero by fans. He is normal. He is just like us and yet, even an ordinary guy like Batman can help the people around him. 

In the same way, we offer wireless intercom systems that come with many of the features you know and love in a typical home or business intercom system. Still, like Bruce Wayne, there are elements and features that make our wireless intercom a must for your home or office.

wireless intercom system

What Makes Our Wireless Intercom Unique 

For starters, our wireless intercom comes with a state-of-the-art duplex intercom system. This multifunction security gadget outsmarts even our toughest competition. A second feature that makes our wireless intercom unique is our remote access. Integrate your mobile device to be able to access your wireless intercom system on or off site. Forget to lock up, simply push a button and your wireless intercom does the rest. With long range connectivity, a brilliant LCD display and multiple handset connection, our wireless intercom system packs a punch in delivering the best intercom system on the market today. 

As the name implies, our wireless intercom system is easy to install as no wires are required for the system to operate. Also, our wireless intercom system saves you money in it’s energy-efficient use. Power lasts up to 1.5 years on standby, ensuring you have a functioning wireless intercom system when you need it. Connect to multiple stations in your home or office as our wireless intercom can connect with up to 99 handsets, creating perfect coverage for your home or office. Direct calling can be made from one handset to the other, creating an efficient workflow in your office. 

wireless intercom

Create a Free Quote for Your Wireless Intercom System

Best of all, our wireless intercom system is priced to fit any budget. But instead of using the bat signal to light up the sky, check out our online quote tool which can guide you step by step to determine which wireless intercom is right for you. With numerous features and a reputation of reliability, it’s no wonder our wireless intercom systems are loved by our customers. Let us show you our wireless intercom systems today! 

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