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Commercial Video Entry for 2018

Ringing in the New Year with Commercial Video Intercom

With 2017 almost in the past, and 2018 looming ahead of us, business owners can rest assured that your property security can be largely enhanced with the addition of a commercial video intercom system. Knowing who is coming and going from your property on a daily basis is imperative in order to keep your employees, your business, and your investment property safe. Rest assured that commercial video intercom is an affordable way to keep all of these things safe and more. Consider the following reasons that the year 2016 and beyond can be safer than ever without spending outside of your security budget.

Commercial Video Intercom Offers In-house Security

We all know that outsourcing your property’s security can cause financial draining whether an emergency call is placed out during coverage time or not. In fact, it's proven that having a security system in plain view often heightens security in itself. Rather than paying a monthly service fee to an outside vendor, consider incorporating a commercial video intercom to cover all of those bases and more. Commercial video intercom can be monitored both during the day within your office and during the night when everything is dark and closed down. Our commercial video intercom cameras offer night vision that can provide 24 hour coverage for your office buildings. Eliminate that extra monthly expense and choose an in-house service with our commercial video intercom system.

In-house Video Intercom Concierge Station

Commercial Video Intercom is Reliable, Affordable, and Modern

Whether your security goal is to monitor daily visitors, provide controlled access for employees only, or keep a 24 hour watch on your property, our commercial video intercom systems provide reliable choices. Not only reliable, but our video intercom systems are also affordable and offer modern technology to incorporate with your property’s security. Don’t lose sleep over how you will keep your properties safe without taking out a large loan. Our systems are simple and can be purchased with all components needed to secure your property. Door panel camera(s), video monitor(s), power supply and port decoders are the base elements needed to smoothly operate your commercial video intercom system. Many modern style choices are available, so consider your options today.

cat5 video intercom kit

Commercial Video Intercom Choices are Not Limited

From 4.3” to 10” color video monitors, and picture memory storage to regular live viewing only, the options for your video intercom system are plenty. Choose from white, black or tan video monitors that will instantly modernize your office with a security feature that is top of the market. Door panel cameras are available with one button ring in all the way to 9,999 code capacity for user tracking. Whether you’re looking for instant recognition and door unlocking features from your office chair, or keyfob, card reader, or code entry access to be available to employees at all times, the options are readily available for your choosing. Let us help you choose the right commercial video intercom system for your needs!

2 wire video intercom door panels

Now that 2017 is almost here, ring in the New Year with commercial video entry for your properties. We are sure that you won’t regret the flexibility and security that our intercom systems have to offer. Heighten security now and avoid any unnecessary costly damages to your property in the future. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we are happy to help with all of your security questions and needs. Call us today for a free estimate! 

Happy New Year's Day 2016

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