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Four Features to Consider for VI

Four Features to Consider for Your Next Video Intercom System

Video intercom systems have more than one purpose these days. From convenience to security, choosing the right video intercom system for your home, apartment complex or commercial business is imperative. Not only will your property’s entryway be guarded, but video intercom will also provide an easy means of access control that ensures clear communication with visitors before allowing entrance. Consider a few of the following features that are truly a must for your next video intercom system.

Vandal Proof Video Intercom System with Picture Memory

Imagine waking up from your afternoon nap to the sound of someone tampering with your door’s camera station. Maybe the culprit doesn’t know there is a camera attached, or maybe he thinks he can disarm the system to gain unauthorized access. With a vandal proof video intercom door panel, your system will remain intact and unharmed. The video intercom will provide clear evidence of the vandal as long as you choose a monitor with picture memory capabilities. That way up to 100 images will be preserved on your system for future viewing! Whether it’s your neighbor messing around in your back yard, or a true vandal seeking entrance, you can never be too safe with a vandal proof video intercom system.

Vandal Proof Video Intercom System

Access Control Capabilities for Home or Office

Depending on your security need, having the ability to control your building’s access points from a remote location is often essential. Whether you are new to the neighborhood, home alone often, or just prefer the extra means of safety, choosing a video intercom system with access control capabilities could be your answer. Choose to establish a concierge station in your office or a safe location in the middle of your home to authorize visitors to enter. Knowing who’s requesting access is important, so consider access control with a remote unlock feature for your next video intercom system.

video intercom monitor visitors

Night Vision for 24 Hour Security

Consider a video intercom doorbell camera that provides 24-hour security both day and night. Theft or vandalism often occurs during the darkest, quietest hours, so ensuring that vision is clear at all times is vital. A night vision door panel allows you to grant visitors access once they have been identified, and it gives you a clear image of strangers if evidence is needed. Whether it's kids trick-or-treating, or your best friend stopping in for a late night visit, don't allow your safety to be breached. keep this feature in mind when choosing your next video intercom system.

video intercom night vision

Key Fob, Card Access and Code Entry Features

Depending on your venue, having the option for quick access using a key fob, access card or code entry method is helpful. For large businesses that don’t prefer to allow each employee to enter remotely, consider issuing access cards and/or a unique code to each employee. There are video intercom system door panels that can handle up to 9,999 unique visitors, allowing business owners to keep their doors secure and know who is accessing the building and when. Choose a quick and convenient way for users to access your building without clogging doorways or manning a concierge station. The choices are endless with a video intercom system.

video intercom door panels apartment business

Video intercom features are numerous to ensure your security, convenience and access control needs are always met. Choose a trusted dealer like BEC Integrated Solutions. We care about our customers and offer one on one communication to ensure your system is ready to protect your property. Contact us today to hear more about what our video intercom systems can do for you.

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