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Ding-Dong! You're on Camera!

Ding-Dong! Say “Hello!” With a Door Camera Video Intercom

Why would you want a door camera video intercom for your home or residential property? Well, there are a myriad of reasons to consider a video intercom system, but let’s start with one that’s near and dear to the heart of many an introvert—the ability to say nothing at all.

Not sure what we mean? Here are three times you might want a door camera video intercom.

1) It’s Not Always Easy Saying No.

Maybe it’s cleaning products. Maybe it’s religious pamphlets. Or perhaps it’s local election time.

Once you’ve opened the door, it’s too late. It’s hard to say, “No, thank you” face-to-face. That’s where a door camera video intercom comes in handy. If you see political pamphlets through the door camera video intercom just walk away. It's easy to identify a person without letting me know that you are home! No feelings are hurt, and you've just spared yourself a ton of time.

video intercom system

2) Danger Doesn’t Ring Twice

In old Hollywood movies, the villain announces himself through an easily recognizable double ring, giving the potential victim the opportunity to stay safely inside with the door shut.

Monsters and dastardly villains aside, chances are, there are people neither you nor your tenants feel safe opening the door to. With a door camera video intercom, you don’t need a special doorbell ring. Video entry lets you see who’s there. When you or someone you love is home alone, the door can remain closed and locked all while being able to identify who is requesting entry. Stay safe with our door camera video intercom system.

3) Sometimes, We All Need a Moment to Ourselves.

Macy Gray sang about it. It’s the need to sometimes just be alone—that moment to yourself.

A door camera video intercom can allow you to have that alone time more easily. Without one, if the doorbell rings, you have to either ignore it completely (which could be bad if it’s a truly important visit) or ask, “Who’s there?” and announce to the world that someone is home. With a video intercom, you can quietly see who’s there, decide whether it’s an important visit, and—if it’s not important—continue with your alone time with no one ever even knowing you are there.

Giving your tenants or your family alone time or helping them ignore salespeople might not seem important. However, as a landlord or homeowner, it’s important to remember that the more times your tenant opens the door to an unknown or unwelcome guest (even if that guest seems harmless), the more likely it is that crime will happen. With a door camera video intercom, you can lower that risk.

video intercom system

Of course, a door camera video intercom isn’t an excuse to ignore Grandma when she comes visiting. That would be just rude. However, we’ve all had the unwelcome visitor who’s just there to get our sales or harass us. That’s where a door camera video intercom can come in handy. Having a conversation can be nice, but sometimes saying nothing at all is even nicer . . . and safer.

Stay safe with our door camera video intercom system! Call us today to learn more about how a video intercom system can work for you.

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