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Schools - 3 Reasons to Buy Video

Three Reasons Every School Should Consider Video Entry

Every child is required to attend school, or be properly schooled from home, and even the children that homeschool are often required to visit a local public or private school for testing purposes. That being said, keeping schools secured against vandals, thieves and other criminals is imperative to providing a safe environment for children to learn and grow. Although every area may not require strict security features, there is a growing number of cities and states that conjure up a greater feeling of insecurity. Consider the following reasons why every school should take the time to simply consider the possibility of installing a video entry system.

Safety Matters

With a rise in crime that is especially targeting schools, it is imperative that children are given a safe learning environment. With video entry, both students and visitors are visually identified before granted entrance. Once allowed access, visitors can be directed to an office for further identification. Students are given better opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment.

video intercom for school

It Only Takes One

Over many years of operation, a school may never see any crime or insecurities take place. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid all crime, but unfortunately it only takes one crime to cause danger and instill fear into a body of students. With video entry, that “one” crime could be deterred – and even more as the years go on. Keep crime out of schools and consider the benefits that video entry has to offer.

Video Entry for School

Deter Crime

Crime is often invited in when buildings and doors are unsecured. With a visible, well-known video entry system, both troubled students and criminals alike will be deterred from wrongfully bringing crime into a protected school. Video entry ensures both on sight identification and the technology to store images for future viewing. Stop crime before it happens with the installation of a video entry intercom system.

Video monitor for school

There are numerous benefits to consider when choosing a video entry intercom system for your school. Ensuring safety to both students and staff should be a high priority in today’s day and age. Read more about our video intercom system and consider the advantages that it has to offer. Call us today for a full system quote and we will be sure to answer any questions you may have regarding video entry.

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