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A Guide to Affordable Security

A guide to Affordable Security Solutions for Apartment Buildings

There are three major things that distinguish a high class, luxurious apartment building from a cheap, poor quality one and those are style, location and security. Once purchased, the location of an apartment building can’t exactly be changed, but fortunately, the style (modern look) and the security features can always be upgraded! Tenants will pay more for a contemporary, secure apartment, and they will thank you for providing it to them. Let’s specifically discuss the security aspect of apartment buildings – and we could even say that these security products are sleek and modern enough to add to the curb appeal and overall look of your apartment building as well!

Consider the following apartment building security solutions that will keep your tenants from ever wanting to leave.

Video Intercom

A video intercom system is simple yet powerful. It gives each tenant the ability to visually identify visitors before allowing them to enter the main lobby of their apartment building. Once identified, visitors can be remotely “buzzed” in by the tenant they are visiting. Each separate apartment can be equipped with a color video monitor that provides a visual of the main entryways with touchscreen capabilities, voice intercom, and a remote unlock feature. Tenants from the 2nd, 3rd or higher floors will thank you knowing that they don’t have to grab the elevator or run down numerous flights of stairs to let their guest enter the building. Video intercom instantly adds value to any apartment building, and residents will be glad to know that they are safe within the walls of their home.

video intercom system


Closed circuit television video surveillance systems offer even more visual coverage for apartment building security. Rather than viewing only the main entryways, cameras can be placed around the perimeter for a greater area of vision. A CCTV system can be installed within the apartment lobby at a concierge or security desk and supervised at all times, or the system can work on its own to provide security recordings for reviewing as needed. High resolution cameras provide daytime and nighttime coverage for a complete 24 hour security system for your apartment buildings. Providing a secure location for your tenants is simple with the right tools, so consider CCTV for your apartment security.

CCTV video surveillance

A Combination of Video Intercom & CCTV

For the highest level of security, consider combining the power of a video intercom system with a CCTV camera system. These two security systems can work hand in hand to provide the highest level of security for both the residents and the property. Keep theft and vandalism to a minimum by deterring the culprits with visible cameras placed around your property’s perimeter. Security personnel can be on site at all times or they can be notified when there is a security breach. With video intercom and CCTV, every angle of security will be covered.

Always keep your tenants safety in mind when providing them a home. Choose the best security solutions with BEC Integrated Solutions. At BEC, we offer high quality security solutions for apartment buildings of all sizes. From one tenant homes to multitenant complexes, we have a security system that will meet those needs. Contact us today for a complete system quote!

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