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4 Applications for Video Int.

4 Applications for Video Intercom

Video intercom systems are not limited to protecting apartment buildings and home residences. In fact, there are a wide variety of other venues that also benefit from the security that video intercom has to offer. The follow list of venues is not conclusive, but it does however summarize a few of the most popular type of properties that benefit from a video intercom system. The number one use for our video intercom system is for apartment buildings of all sizes, but we hope you’ll consider these four additional venues that would also benefit from the security provided by video intercom.

Schools Buildings

Children are often the most vulnerable when they are placed in school for many years. Give them the protection that they need and deserve by instilling video intercom as the main form of security. Unrecognized visitors should be diverted the office for check in and identification in order to keep all students safe. Video intercom in itself will not protect students, but it can certainly aid schools in keeping close watch on traffic coming and going from the property.

school building security

Office Buildings

Many businesses offer services that require customers’ and/or employees’ personal information to be stored within the perimeter. These types of businesses are more susceptible to theft and require a stronger form of security than others. Consider using a video intercom system to visually identify all who enter. When someone who is not recognized requests entry, those within the office can take further precautions and can even converse with the visitor through the system’s two-way voice intercom feature.

office building

Gated Communities

There are numerous options for securing venues with one entrance, but none so secure as one using a high definition video camera with night vision capabilities for facial recognition. Issue key fobs, access cards and/or personalized codes to those who reside in the community. All others can be visually identified by residents from the comfort of their home within the gated community.

video intercom system


As with the other property types listed, condos are situated within large buildings using shared doorways and shared hallways. Rather than allowing unknown visitors to enter as they please, equip all main entryways with a video intercom door camera that will aid residents in identifying visitors, even during the night.

video intercom

Again, we don’t claim to provide an inclusive list of venues that would benefit from video intercom, but we do hope this list will give property owners a better idea of how video intercom can protect all types of properties. Contact us today for a full system quote and learn how video intercom can offer security to your property.

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