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Security: It’s What to Look For

Security: it’s what to look for in your next apartment

When searching for an apartment there always seems to be a list of “must haves” looming at every viewing. Whether its location, condition, size, or style, the list just goes on. There is one “must have” that you may not have considered yet – and that, my friend, is a security solution. Apartment buildings, especially large, high class buildings, are more susceptible to theft and vandalism if the right security solutions are not readily in place. Make sure to search for the safest home and ask your potential apartment manager about the apartment building’s security features.

Video Intercom

One of the best security features that an apartment complex has to offer is a video intercom system. With video intercom, each tenant is equipped with a color video monitor that offers visual identification of visitors, voice intercom, and remote door unlock to allow visitors to enter without having to go all the way to the lobby entrance. Video intercom door camera panels offer secure access control with a high definition, night vision video camera. Tenants can enter using unique access codes, programmed key fobs and key cards, while unauthorized users are unable to enter without a resident granting access to them.

video intercom system

Voice Intercom

Maybe your new apartment building’s security is in the form of voice intercom. Voice intercom systems offer secure lobby access to residents only. Tenants can speak to visitors through voice intercom from the comfort and safety of their own apartment. Once identified, guests can be granted access remotely by the touch of a button. Each separate apartment is equipped with a room station for voice communication with anyone requesting entry.

voice intercom system

Telephone Entry and CCTV

Telephone entry is designed for controlling access to all types of venues. Apartment buildings, offices, gated communities and so much more has the potential to benefit from the security of a telephone entry system. Visitors are required to place a call through the system to request access, which rings directly to the phone(s) of your choice. The ring is distinguishable from other phone calls so that you know someone is at the door. CCTV video surveillance can be added to the telephone entry system to add the security of visual identification of visitors as well.

telephone entry system

There are certainly various solutions to the security issue that apartment living often poses. Be sure to discuss these issues with your apartment management before choosing your new home!

Apartment owners and management, please consider one of these security solutions for your buildings. The upfront cost is more than worth the damages and expense that theft and vandalism can cause. Call BEC Integrated Solutions today for a free quote for your apartment building security system of choice. With video intercom, voice only intercom or telephone entry (with or without CCTV), we know that new tenants will be willing to pay for the security that your apartment buildings offer.

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