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Don’t Miss Another Package

Don’t Miss another Package Delivery Again with Video Intercom

We’ve all done this before; ordered a laptop, new video game, costly party dress or last minute concert tickets online. But what you didn’t realize is that the item ordered won’t be left on our doorstep but will instead need to be signed for when the delivery guy arrives! This poses a problem. Either you spend the next two or three days waiting close to the front door waiting for your package to be delivered or you risk missing it and have to wait until they make their rounds again. Sure, you can probably wait one more day, but do you really want to? Missing a package delivery is a lot like missing Christmas mainly because once an item is ordered you just can’t wait for it to arrive! And when you miss the delivery, well, it’s a little like telling yourself that you’ll just have to postpone Christmas until tomorrow.

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The Answer is Video Intercom

Okay, so maybe the above scenario has never happened to you – but it certainly still could. There is one sure way that you’ll never miss a delivery, important visitor or random drop in again! Consider the ease of use that a video intercom system has to offer. Simply install video monitors in as many rooms within your home as desired and never spend days on end wondering if you missed a knock on the front door! With video intercom, door stations are designed to place a call to each assigned video monitor within your home so that you can easily respond to the visitor and let them know you’re home and coming to answer their call. The video camera feature allows homeowners to identify a visitor before answering the call just in case you’re not available to visit.

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Why Choose Video Intercom?

Home alone and not sure who is at the door? That’s no problem with a video intercom system. Simply ignore the call and let them return when your husband/wife returns. Sometimes having video intercom will seem like a luxury – while other times it will seem like an incredibly user-friendly security system. The fact is, our video intercom system is meant to be both of these things and more! Call us today at BEC Integrated Solutions to learn more about our video intercom systems. Never let your long awaited for package delivery slip away again with video intercom!

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