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Security for Residential Units

Video Entry Intercom System: A Security Measure for Residential Units

When you choose a video entry intercom system by BEC Integrated Solutions, you choose the best security your facility needs! Whether a large or small residence, our video entry intercom systems will work for you both in safety and reliability. We work with two unique models; one for larger residences, supporting 1 to 300 monitors and one for smaller facilities, supporting 1 to 3 monitors. Whatever building you have, our video entry intercom systems will accommodate! Our intercom system is cable wired, providing better reliability than ever. Network security and a more reliable connection are key in providing you with the best experience possible with our video entry intercom systems.

There are some incredible benefits to owning a video intercom from BEC Integrated Solutions. With a video entry intercom system, you are able to take full advantage of two-way voice communication, easing entry and moderating access to your facility. The benefits only increase with video monitoring! From a comfortable, remote location, video entry intercom system allows you to see whoever comes to the door, track behavior and assess each situation as you answer from a safe distance. The video can be used immediately or can be stored for a later time for review. Our video entry intercom systems can monitor more than one door at a time, making it easy for you to keep track of activity on your premise!

Video Entry Intercom System

The video entry intercoms we provide come in either multi-tenant intercom systems or single, 2-, or 3-tenant systems. Our BEC Building Video Intercom Systems are the perfect choice for high traffic facilities, allowing for up to 16 entry door units for access. Large apartment buildings, gated communities and even schools can greatly benefit from our 24 hour-monitored, secure video entry. Smaller facilities can also take advantage of this superior video entry system security through our BEC Villa Video Intercom Systems. By purchasing the single, 2-, or 3-tenant systems, you choose a video entry intercom system that meets your specific needs, and each support up to three entrances. These are perfect for smaller facilities that need just as much security and comfort as a high traffic business. We at BEC Integrated Solutions want to make sure that no matter the size of your residence or business, you are safe and secure with our video entry intercom systems!

Video Entry Intercom Monitor

No matter which video entry intercom system choice you make, you get peace of mind and greater control over your facility. With a modern approach to security, we at BEC Integrated Solutions keep in mind that your safety is our utmost concern. With our video entry intercom systems, the power of reliable, remote security is in your hands!

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