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Video Intercom System for Apartment Building Entry, Gated Communities

Securing your professional facility, be it an apartment complex, gated community or even police station, is an incredibly important priority. At BEC Integrated Solutions, LLC, we have designed our video intercom systems to make sure you have an extra level of security for your facility. With a video intercom system, you not only benefit from audio recognition that someone is at your door, you also add the measure of security of visual recognition. Being able to monitor and record any presence at your door with our video intercom systems means you are that much safer and able to better secure your property from any potential problem.

Video Intercom System Options

Our video intercom systems come in a variety of sizes and features. The BEC Building Video Intercom and the BEC Villa Video Intercom are our two standard video intercom systems, which branch out from there. The BEC Building Video Intercom provides services for larger complexes, able to accommodate 1 to 300 monitors, while our BEC Villa Video Intercom benefits smaller facilities, supporting 1 to 3 monitors. Each of our video intercom systems is cable-wired for better network security and for a more reliable connection. Our multi-tenant Building Video Intercom systems work effortlessly for your large facility, able to monitor up to 16 entryways. For high traffic complexes, this is the video intercom system to provide 24-hour support and security. Occupancies such as hospitals, schools and gated communities can benefit from our video intercom systems, easily able to keep up with the high demands of a large facility and provide around-the-clock, dependable security monitoring. Our 1-, 2-, and 3- tenant video intercom systems are ideal for securing smaller complexes, using video protection to secure your facility. Utilizing our picture memory feature enables any user, whether owning a large or small complex, to save the last 100 photos that are time and date stamped for any future review. The control is in your hands to monitor any activity outside your complex and detect safe or suspicious behavior with a video intercom system.

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Choosing a video intercom system from BEC means choosing security at a higher level. Being able to physically view and record all activity from a remote location simply means a safer building. Your facility, high traffic or more casual, will benefit from our video intercom systems. When you use a video intercom system, you and your tenants or employees feel an extra sense of security and peace of mind, knowing your building has all the equipment in place to supervise and detect any and all presences at your doors. Contact us today to begin a better security experience for your building.

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