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Video Adds Value to your Apts.

3 Values Video Intercom Adds to Multi Tenant Apartments

For the modern age in which we live, video intercom systems aren’t a foreign concept to most multi tenant complexes. We’ve all heard the term, but what do we really know about them? Yes, they have a screen instead of just audio capabilities, but what else? What else do video intercoms do for a multi tenant complex and what makes them worth pursuing? We have compiled a list of five not-so-secret capabilities of video intercoms for you, so you can understand their functions and better comprehend their features.

1. They can withstand harsh weather conditions  

Video intercoms aren’t just a lightweight take on the regular intercom; the good ones are expertly designed to be weather-resistant. Whether your multi tenant complex resides in tropical conditions, where there can be harsh winters, or a whole lot of hot, dry days, the best video intercoms take all these possibilities into consideration when creating a video intercom system.

2. They can use night vision cameras  

Something that seems obvious once you find out, but might not know about video intercoms, is that the best video intercom systems are night vision-capable. Since most mischief and crime tend to happen when night falls, choose a video intercom that can capture whatever happens by your doors. That way, night or day, good or bad, you’ll know what’s happening outside your apartment complex.

3. They can time stamp and store photos

Video intercoms that are worth your time and money are ones that not only display visual communication, they can also store photos with a timestamp for more accurate logging of important information. For multi tenant complexes, finding a video intercom system that will provide this feature should be near the top of your list while shopping around.

Video intercom systems are not only a cool, modern version of multi tenant complex intercom systems, they also provide a whole host of features that can help you keep your tenants and building(s) safer and more secure. With these 5 Secrets, finding a great video intercom will be much easier and stress-free!

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