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Video Intercoms Take Flight

Video Intercom Systems Take Flight in 2016 Apartment Building Projects

Building codes have changed over the years to include the latest necessary rules and regulations, and for good reason. Many states are requiring that new multitenant apartment buildings install some sort of security entry system for tenant use. These systems are no longer an option in most areas, and they keep families that live in multitenant facilities safe. Video intercom systems have become a popular choice in the multitenant building entry industry and here’s why:

Video Intercom Systems offer Better Security

When dealing with voice only intercom, we quickly find that voices can be disguised, criminals can more easily enter apartment buildings, and security is breached. Voices are a wonderful thing, but when transferred between tiny speakers and microphones, virtually anyone can pretend to be someone they are not. That’s why we choose video intercom systems for multitenant apartment buildings to offer better security. With video intercom systems, residents can visually identify a visitor before allowing entry, therefore eliminating the unknown.

Video Intercom Systems Security

Video Intercom Systems offer Keyless Entry

Keyless entry has become a top feature request when multifamily apartment building projects seek a building entry system. The benefits are many, and may not be as obvious as you think. A few less obvious benefits include: quick access to tenants when danger could be lurking in the shadows, unique identifiers to track who is coming and going from the property, and the ability to deny access to certain users should they be banned from the property. When searching for a new home, potential renters will be impressed by a keyless entry feature.

Video Intercom Systems are Securely Wired

Various wiring options are available when it comes to researching video intercom systems, but most often we find that high traffic facilities request a CAT5 cabled option. CAT5e cable allows simple installation including replacement of older CAT5e intercom systems. Installation costs can be very manageable when choosing a single wired CAT53 video intercom system for your multitenant apartment building project.

CAT5 cabled video intercom

Video Intercom Systems can be Affordable

Can you believe that the video intercom systems industry average cost per tenant unit is $500? And can you also believe that there are reliable systems that can cost as little as $150 - $250 per tenant unit, depending on the features desired? That’s right, in today’s competitive economy, there are reliable video intercom systems that are also extremely affordable.

Choosing video intercom for your multitenant apartment building entry system can seem daunting at first, but that’s where we come in. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer professional system designing and a free quote, absolutely free. We want to be sure that the system is right for your building project, and that you receive every component necessary to connect your unique building. Contact us today to receive your free quote to see if video intercom is exactly what you need in a building entry system.

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