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The Best Building Entry System

Video Intercom is the Best Building Entry System

You may have landed here after asking Google, “What is Video Intercom?” – Or maybe not – But most importantly we answer this question, and we also tell you why video intercom is the best building entry system available on the market!

So what is video intercom, then? Video intercom is an access control system that provides door access security for buildings of all types. Single family homes, multifamily apartment buildings, family owned businesses and multi-building complexes are only a few venues that use video intercom to identify visitors, employees, strangers  and others coming and going from the property. Video intercom allows property owners to see each person walking through the doorway and prevents the wrong people from entering a building. There are so many functions and features that go along with a video intercom system, but in a nutshell, video intercom is the best doorway access control security option available today.

Video Intercom

Why is Video Intercom The Best Building Entry System

As promised, we will be explaining why video intercom is the best building entry system, and to do that, we will be sharing the many features and functions that sets video intercom apart from other security systems:

1. Visual identification – the most obvious feature that video intercom offers is the ability to visually identify visitors, whether in real time, or by adding images to storage to be reviewed at a later time.

2. Unlock doors from safe, inside location – video intercom allows homeowners, family members, business owners and others to stay safe within a locked building to decide whether or not to allow a visitor to enter. Upon identifying the visitor(s), the door can be unlocked from any indoor video monitor location. This feature is especially useful for large buildings or apartment complexes that funnel visitors through one or two main entrances. Residents can let their visitors in without walking all the way to the lobby to physically be available to open the door.

3. Keyless entry – with video entry, authorized users can quickly and keylessly enter the building. Residents or employees can swiftly enter without having to scramble for a key to get in. Keyless entry is simple, modern and helpful to all who come and go from a building every day.

4. Affordable – for larger applications, video intercom offers a high quality security solution for a fraction of the cost of many other security systems. Video intercom can be internally monitored by a concierge when needed, but the true supervisors are those within a building that can identify visitors throughout the day. When used in apartment buildings, tenants can monitor their own guests throughout the day from the comfort of their own apartment.

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There are many more applications, features and benefits of video intercom that we could share, but the above mentioned are the ones we feel are the most important. Consider the safety that video intercom truly provides to your family or employees, and you too will see the importance of a secure access control system. Video intercom is the best building entry system on the market today. Take a minute to answer a few simple questions about your home or property, and we’ll send you a discounted project quote instantly!

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