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WiFi Wireless Doorbell Camera

WiFi Wireless Doorbell Camera with Keypad Keyless Entry

We’ve all seen the numerous video clips going around Facebook praising the wireless doorbell camera for staving off the cunning burglar as he/she first knocks on the front door, then checks to see if it’s locked before devising a plan to break in and enter. It’s great – right? What these attempted burglars don’t realize is that their face is being closely monitored and streamed to the homeowners’ cell phone, offering clear proof of their devious plan. But what’s even better is when the homeowner loudly announces his/her presence through the wireless doorbell camera itself, virtually scaring the thief before any damage is done! The device is quite genius, and we decided to make it that much better by adding a keypad to our models for secure, quick, keyless entry.

Wireless Doorbell Camera with Keypad

Better than the Basic Wireless Doorbell Cameras

The original wireless doorbell cameras on the market really are just that – doorbells with a camera attached. We offer these models, and enjoy them ourselves, but we also know that many homeowners and business owners can benefit from so much more! Take keyless entry, for example; by providing a quick access method using the keypad on the wireless doorbell camera itself, or by entering a passcode into your connected smartphone, you can open the door anytime, from anywhere. This is certainly useful when you’re on vacation and the dog sitter needs to enter your home at 2 pm while you’re away, or your child gets off the bus only to realize that he/she forgot the key at home. The minute someone walks up to the wireless doorbell camera, you can begin conversing with him/her and allow entry directly from your phone. It’s that simple!

Wireless Doorbell Camera with Remote Unlock

Wireless Doorbell Camera with More Features

A wireless doorbell camera with keypad keyless entry is just that much more useful to homeowners, right? Well we didn’t stop there! A few more features that we are proud to offer with our wireless doorbell camera include free video storage (don’t pay silly cloud fees!), night vision (don’t be fooled in the night), simple DIY installation (no excessive wiring other than a power cord), motion sensor with auto viewing (know who is there even before they knock!), and really so much more. Head on over to our wireless doorbell camera with keypad product listing to review just how many features truly make this device the best wireless doorbell camera on the market today.

Wireless Doorbell Camera Features

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