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The ocean waves crash softly against the seashore as a couple walks hand in hand. It is the perfect setting for what will be a perfect night. With the sky painting a gorgeous sunset, the man gets on his knee and asks the love of his life that ever-important question: What company should we get our video intercom proposal from?

Video Intercom System Propsal

All romanticism aside, when looking at any video intercom proposal, several things must be considered. First, you want to be sure you are getting the right quote for your needs while also being at the right price. That’s where a video intercom proposal from the experts at BEC Integrated Solutions will help. We’ve been the industry leader for over 20 years in providing video intercom systems that are dependable, reliable and affordable for any budget. Our discounted project bids can help you map out the exact needs for your system. You won’t wait weeks for a project bid as our team will get you a quote within seconds of the request. We help you in each stage of the process and even supply contacts who offer professional installation in most areas, as well as technical and programming support.

When you consider a video intercom proposal from BEC Integrated Solutions, you will enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art system that features some of the most advanced and reliable technology on the market today. Our video intercom units combine high-quality imaging and reliable network cabling to fit any home, apartment community or office complex. Most of our units also come with remote monitoring capabilities allowing you to stay in touch with your property even when you are off-site.

Video Intercom System Estimate the Meets Porject Needs

A key element of our video intercom proposal is that we shoot straight with our customers. We don’t oversell or try to pad our video intercom proposal with unnecessary components. We evaluate your needs and recommend a reliable video intercom system for your budget.

So whether you need a large-scale bid or a simple quote, our video intercom proposal will give you the information you need quickly. Don’t settle for just another video intercom proposal but go with the experts in the industry. Let’s get you a video intercom proposal for your next project! Contact the experts at BEC Integrated Solutions today!


We offer free INSTANT quote tools that allow you to build your own system in minutes. Whether you are searching for a single family video intercom system or a 300 tenant multifamily building intercom system, your proposal is just minutes away. Select one of our many video intercom systems pictured below to get started building a system tailored to your project needs.

IP Video Intercom System BE Series CAT5 Building Intercom MT Series 2 Wire Video Intercom

IP Network Based

BE Series CAT5

MT Series 2 Wire

Single Tenant Video Intercom Two Tenant Video Intercom Three Tenant Video Intercom
Single Family
Two Tenant
Three Tenan
Wireless WiFi IP Door Camera WiFi Video Intercom System Radio Video Intercom System
WS1 Series Wireless WS2 Series Wireless WI Series Wireless
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