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Which Video System 4 U?

Wired or Wireless: Which Video Intercom System is Right for You?

Two options which typically separate pieces of technology. Although both offer a wide range of benefits, most systems are differentiated with this one main caveat: is it wired or wireless? For some, this feature is insignificant. For others, this feature is a make or break decision. When considering a video intercom system from BEC Integrated Solutions, should you choose a wired or wireless system? Well, to determine that answer ask yourself the following questions to determine the right video intercom system for your needs. 

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Questions to Ask in Determining the Right Video Intercom System

How is my video intercom system going to be installed? 

For some situations, there is an existing wiring configuration that has come with the building or residence. In these situations, a wired replacement video intercom system may be an ideal situation. Our IP Video Intercom is one of our more advanced systems and can serve as an ideal replacement to your old or faulty system. Likewise, our MT Series 2 Wire system also is an ideal upgrade to any existing system. 

Your video intercom system may be a new installation and you may consider a new wired system to be the fit for your home or office. Our BE Series CAT5 or Villa 6 provide an ideal system for new installation. 

Lastly, you may want a video intercom system but don’t have the time or patience to go through a wired configuration and installation. In this case, our wireless systems are a great way to easily install a video intercom system in your residential or commercial property. Choose from our WS1, WS2 or WI models which will give complete coverage throughout. 

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What coverage am I expecting in my video intercom system?

This may be a silly question to some, but in considering a video intercom system one must ask what coverage you will need on your property? Are you purchasing a system for your own home or small office or are you looking to cover multiple apartment buildings or other residential, multifamily or commercial settings? 

For larger properties, wired video intercom systems may help cover more of the buildings and entryways you will have in those settings. With our wireless systems, coverage is ideal for single tenants or commercial applications. 

video intercom system

Will my needs change my video intercom system?

For some, expansion is a very real possibility. The last thing you want is to get into a situation where you are handcuffed with not being able to expand your video intercom system. With our wireless systems, expansion for your home or office is as easy as installing repeaters to your system which will give greater coverage to your situation. Expansion for wired systems is allowable depending on which system you choose. 

With many wired and wireless options available, it can be hard to know which video intercom system is right for you. That’s why we provide the expert knowledge to help you determine which system will be the right fit. Fill out our online quote form which will give you a customized quote for your system. Whether it is wired or wireless, we know you’ll enjoy the security and dependability of our video intercom system. 

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