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Santa Wants a Wireless Doorbell!

WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom: Even Santa is Asking for One

We all know he’s making a list and checking it twice, but Santa really only has one thing on his mind this holiday season and that is the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom. Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and all of the elves and would benefit from the security and communication features of this innovative intercom system.The WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom has numerous features that residential and commercial properties have utilized to help keep people safe. 

WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom

Experience the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom 

As the name implies, the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom is an easy to install system with no complicated wiring configuration for your property. That means you are able to install the system and connect easily and provide adequate coverage in all your rooms. 

Another benefit to the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom system is the connectivity. Most wireless security intercom systems connect through a WiFi connection. While this is useful for some instances, the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom uses radio frequencies to be able to maintain connection. This provides the next level of dependability as your system won’t be contingent on whether or not you get a clear internet signal. The strength of the signal is able to penetrate through walls and is connected up to 164 feet to provide coverage for your home or office. 

The WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom comes equipped with visual identification, allowing you to know who is at the front door by seeing them on a color monitor. This monitor comes with a variety of features including volume and control brightness. The monitor also comes with lock and unlock capabilities which can be very useful. Let’s say you are prepping dinner or in the backyard, simply press the unlock button on your monitor and allow guests to enter. 

WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom

Get a Free Quote for Your WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom

Trust us, the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom will have you caroling for joy this holiday season. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing the best products for our customers in a variety of residential and commercial settings. We’re confident the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom will enhance the security at your home or office by providing a reliable entryway monitoring system to ensure you know who is going and coming at all times. 

Fill out our online form and we’ll send you a customized quote specific to the needs of your home or office. Trust us, even jolly ole’ St. Nick has the WI Wireless Radio Video Intercom on his Christmas list. 

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