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Clinic Light Status Systems

Clinic Light Status Quiets Your Patient Flow

The next, modern upgrade for your facility has arrived - with our Clinic Light Status Systems, you can do away with the old method of flag systems and loud speakers. Using the same properties, our clinic light status sequencing systems alert staff and doctors alike without the need for constant paging or overuse of loud speakers.

Let’s be honest - sometimes the constant drone of pager calls and beeping loud speakers can make for a day of headaches in the medical field. If you want to fill your facility with efficiency as well as a more quiet day, even with the same busy schedules and patient flow, then a Clinic Light Status System is exactly what you’re looking for. Transportation, patient assist and doctor summons can all be done more quickly and much more quietly with the clinic light systems we offer at BEC.

Clinic light status system

The clinic light status uses a method known as sequencing to keep perfect track of the order patients arrive. A light will flash, letting the doctor know which patient is to be seen first. Sequencing can be customized for each doctor! Our clinic light systems account for each specific doctor and order of patient needs through our color light system. To avoid the need to constantly look for light signals, a doctor’s annunciator panel is may sound with a “beep” for notification of a patient’s location and readiness, or can be set to a “flashing” function to notify doctors. A convenient and more peaceful shift are rolled into one with our clinic light status systems.

Cornell clinic light status

Whether you choose our 2- or 3-way switching clinic room status, our light status systems are designed for a more efficient and peaceful work day. Our room status 2-way switch system (the “AS”) and our 3-way switch system (the “MS”) are tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs, whether you have a simpler or more complex system to handle each day.

Cornell light status system

Our goal with these clinic light systems is to create less noise through your facility each day without losing any of your much-needed efficiency. Less noise makes for less headaches, and less headaches make for a happier medical facility. Contact us today to see which clinic light status system is right for your facility!

Shop Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Nurse Call TekTone NC120 Nurse Call System TekTone NC300 Nurse Call System

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

  • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Free Programming with system purchase
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration
  • UL1069 Listed is an option for this system
  • LOW Installation cost nursecall

TekTone NC120 Nurse Call 

  • NON Voice Based Nurse Call System (UL1069)
  • Able to Re-Use Existing Cable in most cases
  • ONLY Requires 2 Conductor Cable
  • Easiest Upgrade Nurse Call System Available
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration

TekTone NC300 Nurse Call

  • Voice Based Nurse Call System
  • Optional Pillow Speakers, Bed, Light Controls
  • Requires Multi-Conductor Cable Wiring
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System  TekTone NC110 Nurse Call System TekTone NC150 Nurse Call System

Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System

  • NON Voice Based Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC110 NON-VOICE NurseCall

  • NON Voice Based  Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC150-200 Nurse Call System

  • Voice Based Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
Cornell 7000 Nurse Call System TekTone Emergency Call System Healthcare System Repairs

Cornell 7000 Nurse Call Systems

  • Voice Based  Nursecall
  • Minimal Features, Only One Master per system
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System

  • NON Voice Based  Nursecall
  • Very Low Cost Emergency Call System
  • NOT a UL1069 Nurse Call System

Healthcare System Repair Service

  • Rauland, Zettler, TekTone Repairs & More...
  • Hill-Rom, Stryker, Bed Caroll Invacare Repairs
  • Waverley Glen and Other Lift Repairs


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