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Nurse Call 101 - A Guide

Nurse Call 101: A Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Nurse Call systems have streamlined efficiency in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. But what is a nurse call system? Why is it so effective and needed in healthcare facilities? The answer can be broken down in three areas:

First, Nurse Call systems provide real-time analysis and status of patients. The system can relay information to staff about the wellbeing of patients. This helps medical staff keep track of their assigned duties while providing the best care to those they serve.

Second, Nurse Call systems serve as a protective system for patients. Emergency notifications can be sent out to alert staff in case of a fall, patient wandering or a variety of other situations. This quick relay of messaging is an essential component of Nurse Call systems in keeping patients safe.

Third, Nurse Call systems provide detailed reporting to help staff gather and analyze data on a variety of subjects. This reporting helps staff know a patient’s needs in order to effectively treat them.

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Which Nurse Call System is Right for You?

With all of the nurse call systems available on the market today, how do you know which is best for your medical facility? At BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to help our customers identify the system that is right for them. We offer a wide array of nurse call systems that will enhance the care and efficiency at your facility.

Our wireless nurse call systems provide a durable and centralized nurse call solution. The wireless PC Based Wireless Nurse Call is one of the most advanced systems you can buy. This system works with a variety of existing devices and equipment to integrate into an effective nurse call system. This wireless nurse call is just one of several we offer. Next, we offer several TekTone Nurse Call systems which come with a reputation as some of the best systems available for medical facilities. Choose from the NC120, NC300 or CM800 systems. We offer voice and non-voice nurse call systems at an affordable price for your budget.

You can save even more by opting to repair the system that your facility currently has in place. Some facilities have been told that their older system is not serviceable, but that is not always true. We specialize in repairing parts that many newer companies have never even seen. Review our repair options and receive your first nurse call repair as a free gift from us!

About Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call System Quote | Wired and/or Wireless

Wireless Nurse Call TekTone NC120 Nurse Call System TekTone NC300 Nurse Call System

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

  • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Free Programming with system purchase
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration
  • UL1069 Listed is an option for this system
  • LOW Installation cost nursecall

TekTone NC120 Nurse Call 

  • NON Voice Based Nurse Call System (UL1069)
  • Able to Re-Use Existing Cable in most cases
  • ONLY Requires 2 Conductor Cable
  • Easiest Upgrade Nurse Call System Available
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration

TekTone NC300 Nurse Call

  • Voice Based Nurse Call System
  • Optional Pillow Speakers, Bed, Light Controls
  • Requires Multi-Conductor Cable Wiring
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System  TekTone NC110 Nurse Call System TekTone NC150 Nurse Call System

Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System

  • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC110 NON-VOICE NurseCall

  • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC150-200 Nurse Call System

  • Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
Cornell 7000 Nurse Call System TekTone Emergency Call System Healthcare System Repairs

Cornell 7000 Nurse Call Systems

  • Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Minimal Features, Only One Master per system
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System

  • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Very Low Cost Emergency Call System
  • NOT a UL1069 Nurse Call System

Healthcare System Repair Service

  • Rauland, Zettler, TekTone Repairs & More...
  • Hill-Rom, Stryker, Bed Caroll Invacare Repairs
  • Waverley Glen and Other Lift Repairs

Get a Free Quote for Your Nurse Call System

Choosing the right nurse call system can be a challenge and that’s why we provide step-by-step support in determining which system is right for you. Use our free online quote tool which will create a customized quote for your needs. When you purchase a nurse call system from BEC Integrated Solutions, you are supported for the life of the system. We pre-program the nurse call system for you at no additional charge and offer programming and technical support for the life of the system. Join over 2,500 medical facilities around the world and make our nurse call system a part of your healthcare operation.

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