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The Best Nurse Call Systems

Top 7 Best Nurse Call Systems on the Market

With all the advancements of medical technology, you need a nurse call system that can help enhance care for your patients while helping to assist your nurses and staff with their daily tasks. That’s where we come in. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, we’re the experts at knowing the latest in nurse call technology. We understand that no two medical situations are identical and that’s why we provide the best systems to our clients at the best price for their budget. Our nurse call systems have been installed in over 1,500 medical facilities around the globe. Here are the seven best nurse call systems on the market today:  

The Best Nurse Call Systems Available

Wireless Nurse Call

Create an all-in-one solution for your nurse call needs with our wireless nurse call systems. These systems are some of the most advanced on the market today in that they are able to integrate nearly any existing piece of medical equipment into a centralized call bell system. Wireless pendants and devices help to monitor patient activity while emergency communication is sent quickly and directly through a variety of channels. Enjoy the latest in nurse call technology with wireless nurse call.

wireless nurse call

Cornell 4000 Nurse Call

This non-voice nurse call system is an ideal replacement for existing nurse call systems as the Cornell 4000 can often be installed using existing brackets and infrastructure. Pull cords, corridor lighting, duty stations, control module, documentation and record keeping capabilities are just a few of the numerous features in the Cornell 400 Nurse Call System. Important data is tracked and relayed to your staff allowing them to be on top of every situation.

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Cornell 7000 Nurse Call

With the stellar reputation of Cornell Communications, the Cornell 7000 is an audio only system that will greatly enhance any medical facility. This system relays emergency communication fast allowing your staff to respond quickly to any need. With VersaPage and AURA 2.0 call reporting software, your staff will be made aware of any and all emergencies as quickly as possible. Increase your response time and streamline communication with our Cornell 7000 Nurse Call System.

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TekTone NC120 Nurse Call

With smartphone integration and other useful features, the TekTone NC120 is one of the easiest upgrade nurse call systems on the market today. Replace your existing system as the TekTone NC 120 can provide an ideal and simple replacement to your system by using many of the same brackets and infrastructure. This system only requires two conductor cables and is a reliable and intuitive system for your nurse call needs.

nurse call system

TekTone NC300 Nurse Call

This system is an affordable and efficient system for your nurse call needs. Enhance communication by allowing your staff to easily communicate with patients through the TekTone NC300 remote systems. The system allows your staff to check on their next call without having to return to the main annunciator panel. This increases efficiency and care in any medical facility.

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TekTone NC110 Non-Voice Nurse Call

Connect with as many as 50 different stations in your facility as our TekTone NC110 provides the dependability you are looking for in a nurse call system. Calls are filtered to the main annunciator panel where they are categorized for response. These include, routine, emergency and code or fire signals. Enhance the features of the NC110 by adding the Tek-Alert integration manager.

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TekTone NC150-200 Nurse Call

This voice-based nurse call system is a must for your healthcare facility. With some of the most advanced paging and reporting software, the TekTone NC150-200 is a two-way communication system allowing your staff to speak with patients and serve their needs. The system also features staff flow function with enhances the efficiency of your nurses and staff by streamlining their duties into a system of tasks.

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Nurse Call System Repair

Even the best systems are bound to need support. We provide expert technicians that want to save you time and money. Our staff will thoroughly diagnose and test your equipment and then offer the best course of action to repair or replace. You can buy with confidence knowing you can trust the care and expertise of our nurse call technicians.

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Get a Free Quote for Your Nurse Call System

So whether you are looking for a small nurse call system for your clinic or need a large scale system for a multi-campus hospital system, we offer the products and systems that will be dependable and reliable for your staff. Use our free online quote tool to generate a customized quote for your nurse call system.

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Wireless Nurse Call TekTone NC120 Nurse Call System TekTone NC300 Nurse Call System

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

  • NON Voice Based Wireless Nursecall
  • Free Programming with system purchase
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration
  • UL1069 Listed is an option for this system
  • LOW Installation cost nursecall

TekTone NC120 Nurse Call 

  • NON Voice Based Nurse Call System (UL1069)
  • Able to Re-Use Existing Cable in most cases
  • ONLY Requires 2 Conductor Cable
  • Easiest Upgrade Nurse Call System Available
  • Smartphone & Tablet integration

TekTone NC300 Nurse Call

  • Voice Based Nurse Call System
  • Optional Pillow Speakers, Bed, Light Controls
  • Requires Multi-Conductor Cable Wiring
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System  TekTone NC110 Nurse Call System TekTone NC150 Nurse Call System

Cornell 4000 Nurse Call System

  • NON Voice Based Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC110 NON-VOICE NurseCall

  • NON Voice Based  Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone NC150-200 Nurse Call System

  • Voice Based Nursecall
  • Pagers, Reporting Software & more
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System
Cornell 7000 Nurse Call System TekTone Emergency Call System Healthcare System Repairs

Cornell 7000 Nurse Call Systems

  • Voice Based  Nursecall
  • Minimal Features, Only One Master per system
  • This is a UL1069 Nurse Call System

TekTone CM800 Emergency Call System

  • NON Voice Based  Nursecall
  • Very Low Cost Emergency Call System
  • NOT a UL1069 Nurse Call System

Healthcare System Repair Service

  • Rauland, Zettler, TekTone Repairs & More...
  • Hill-Rom, Stryker, Bed Caroll Invacare Repairs
  • Waverley Glen and Other Lift Repairs


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