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Area of Rescue System is a MUST!

Area of Rescue Systems – All Businesses Should Have One

It can happen in the blink of an eye. A routine workday can suddenly be thrown into a mass panic of hysteria as one of your workers suffers a heart attack and is gasping for breath. This once standard workspace has now become a full-fledged area of rescue. Now stop this scenario in your mind and ask yourself this question, “How fast could I get messaging out throughout my facility about an emergency situation?” If you are hesitant in your answer, then it may be time to look at the area of rescue systems that we offer at BEC Integrated Solutions. Our area of rescue products have been utilized in parking garages, colleges and schools, businesses and a plethora of other residential and commercial facilities, offering a sure method of requesting help at a moment’s notice.

Our area of rescue systems allow for quick and direct communication at the press of a button. Voice communication is quickly established with the main annunciator panel to provide help during an emergency. If there is a fire at your facility, the press of the area of rescue button connects you with the main annunciator panel or the system can be programmed to reach another public line. You can then assess the situation and determine further action. After the situation is resolved, you can reset the system quickly to be ready for the next situation that may arise.

Area of Rescue

Most of the time, business owners don’t consider the importance of an area of rescue system until it is too late. After all, emergency equipment is often at the back of your mind on a day to day basis because of the infrequency of their use. Having said that, we live in a day and age where emergency situations can come unexpectedly. What if there was an active shooter on your campus? What if you had an electrical emergency causing possible harm? What if you had a tornado or some other natural disaster? It wouldn’t be sufficient to just send out a company-wide email. You need an area of rescue system that allows all channels of your organization to be alerted about what is going on, and even call for help. These area of rescue systems could mean the difference between life and death.

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer area of rescue products that are user-friendly, dependable and affordable. Safety is our priority and that’s why we provide you the area of rescue tools you need to protect your facility and your staff.

Area of Rescue System

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