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Commercial Security System to Protect Your Greatest Asset: Your People

We’ve all seen a bank robbery unfold in film. A perpetrator and his team crash through the doors of the bank, waving guns around and demanding money. In movies, the perps usually get away with a large amount of cash. These heists were built up with great anticipation as we awaited the hero emerging to save the day. But in reality, the Bonnie and Clyde figures we’ve grown to associate with robbery aren’t the norm. Typically, robberies happen very quickly with most lasting just a matter of minutes. Even more common are perpetrators targeting employees and personnel in outlying areas of your business, often with the confrontation lasting a matter of seconds. Is your business secure enough to handle these risks? Do your staff and employees feel safe working for you? If there was any hesitation in your answer, you need to consider a commercial security system.

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide only the best in commercial grade security systems. In using a customized approach, we are able to tailor a specific commercial security system to suit your needs. Various forms of our commercial security system have been used in hospitals, schools, residences and businesses all across the country. We realize that no two businesses are the same in terms of security needs and that’s why we start from square one to customize a commercial security system that is right for your business. With that in mind, here are a few of the components we offer in providing an elite security system.

We offer dependable access control systems that help to monitor entries and exits throughout your facility. These systems can be programmed to grant access to your staff and personnel while keeping everyone else out.

access control commercial security system

We also offer area of rescue equipment to enhance your business’ commercial security system. Whether you need to respond to a security threat, medical emergency or another immediate problem, our area of rescue system offers fast and direct two-way communication to allow security personnel to respond quickly.

area of rescue commercial security system

Our line of commercial security systems also include a variety of closed-circuit television or video surveillance systems (CCTV). These systems provide constant coverage of your facility to help you monitor activity and protection from potential threats. We offer high quality video cameras, intercoms and more.

CCTV commercial security system

Don’t go through another day wondering what would happen should an emergency arise. Have peace of mind in knowing your commercial security system will help keep you and your people secure. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the commercial security system tools needed to help you and your personnel handle emergency situations quickly. If you’re waiting for a hero to stop the bad guys, you’ve found one in a BEC business grade commercial security system. Contact us today for a customized quote!

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