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Seconds Matter - Area of Rescue

Area of Rescue Systems: Because Seconds Matter

In the blink of an eye, the normalcy of everyday routine can be shattered by an emergency situation. Whether it is a person suffering from cardiac arrest, an armed gunman seeking to rob or harm people or a fire threatening to overtake a building, emergency situations are a sad reality each day around the world. Often times, the difference between life and death in those situations is the individual’s access to an area of rescue system. These systems are useful in that they provide immediate connection to personnel who can help with only a moment’s notice.

At BEC Integrated Solutions, area of rescue systems are just part of the elite level of security products we offer. Our area of rescue systems have been installed in a variety of settings such as parking garages, college campuses and many other public access facilities. They are widely accepted in the security industry and are known for being some of the most innovative and useful emergency all systems available.

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Check out the Features of Our Area of Rescue Systems

We offer three area of rescue systems that will enhance the emergency communication services of your residential or commercial property. Our Cornell 4200 Series Audio Area of Rescue System provides a quick a direct communication as the user merely presses the call station button and is connected to the annunciator panel or even a public telephone. They can then relay the problem or emergency, allowing police or medical personnel to respond in a timely manner. These systems can house up to 44 different communication panels around the parameters of your facility.

Our Cornell 4800 Series area of rescue takes your emergency communication system to the next level with main control two-way communication and optional remote control panels. This area of rescue system even supervises all call stations, area of rescue control panels and expansion switches on a continual basis and can identify faults or defective equipment in a timely manner. The Cornell 4800 Series area of rescue system expands to as many as 254 call stations for large facilities and campus settings.

The Tek-Safe area of rescue system is another option for you and provides a durable and dependable emergency call system. Tek-Safe systems provide both visual and audio indicators to the main station to signal needs for help and meets all standards and regulations with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Get an Instant Online Quote for your Area of Rescue System

Each of our area of rescue systems provides the lifeline needed in emergency situations. You can rest assured knowing that communication will be quick and direct, allowing each scenario to be addressed in the timeliest way possible. These area of rescue options could mean the difference between life or death and that’s why an area of rescue system from BEC Integrated Solutions is a must for your emergency communication needs.

Receive an online quote in minutes by filling out an area of rescue quote request form. Upon submitting the form, a system quote will be received at the email address you provide. Don’t wait, your property’s safety is relying on you.

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