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Choosing A New Security System

How Car Shopping Can Help You Choose Your Security Systems

As the sun shines high overhead, you stare out into a vast ocean of automobile options. They come in all shapes, sizes, powertrains with a multitude of features and bells and whistles. But which car is best for your needs? Do you need the towing capacity of a truck or the cargo space of an SUV? After all, each person who walks onto the sales lot brings with them a whole set of personalized needs and preferences. You listen to the sales pitch and consider all the options before making a final decision.

Choosing the Right Security Systems

The same process is true when choosing the right security system for your commercial or residential properties. Security systems come with a variety of features, and while each one serves a purpose, it is important to determine the needs of your facility in order to choose the proper security system. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we proudly offer access control, area of rescue systems, CCTV, intercoms and many other options relating to security systems. Our systems provide an elite level of security monitoring, are easy to install and come at an affordable price.

Access Control

Our access control systems provide security for entry points around your facility. These security systems are invaluable, allowing property owners to monitor who is going and coming from a facility. These access control systems come with a variety of entry methods including keypads, scanners, key fobs and other methods of entry. These security systems can monitor several entry points and serve as a first layer of protection for any facility.

access control security systems

Area of Refuge

Next, our area of rescue security systems provide emergency response communication for commercial facilities of all types. Users can simply press the call function button and immediately be connected with the main control panel or even a public phone. These area of rescue systems allow your staff, employees, students, etc. to have a lifeline to emergency personnel at the press of a button. 

area of refuge security systems

CCTV Security

For security monitoring inside and out for your facility, check out our CCTV security systems. These systems are equipped with high quality security imaging to record activity in high definition. 24 hour surveillance is always a safe solution to ensure proper monitoring of your properties during the day and night.

CCTV Security Systems

We're Here to Help with Your Security Systems

While there are multiple security systems available for your home or office, there is no one system that is more important than the other. As you would with purchasing a car or truck, you need to assess the needs of your facility before purchasing a security system. You may find one or multiple systems that would help enhance your security. Not sure what you need? Call our office to speak with a security system specialist and let us help you determine the best security system for your needs. You can buy with confidence knowing that our security systems are second to none on the market today!

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