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Life-Saving - Area of Rescue

A Life-Saving System: Area of Refuge

It’s a late stormy night and Jenni is getting off of her shift late. She begins the long walk to her car on the lower level of the parking garage. She is always vigilant and takes every precaution to make sure she gets safely home. But this night is different. As Jenni approaches her car, she notices a woman oddly slumped over hear steering wheel only a few spots away. Quickly, Jenni reaches for her cell phone but sees there is no service because of her location in the parking garage. She then races across the parking lot to the area of refuge system and in minutes is able to alert emergency personnel. As a result, the woman who had suffered cardiac arrest getting to her car was spared.

Area of Rescue System

Why Area of Refuge Systems Are Needed

Although stories like Jenni’s are a rarity, and in many cases can be much more dire, having the proper area of refuge equipment in place can be the difference between a call to the hospital and a call to the morgue. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we offer an elite line of area of refuge systems for parking garages, storage facilities, apartment complexes and a host of other residential and commercial properties. Our area of refuge systems have been installed all across the country and are known for their dependability and innovation.

Our 4200 and 4800 area of refuge systems are ideal for quick and direct emergency contacts. Simply press the button to place a call to the main annunciator panel or an optional public telephone line. Blinking lights and pulse tones will notify the caller once the call has been received. These area of refuge systems provide clear two-way communication between the emergency area and the main control panel. Our Tek-Safe area of refuge system is another system available for your emergency response system. This system sends both visual and audio indicators to relay to the caller the process of connectivity with the main control panel.


Area of Refuge Emergency

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When seconds matter most, make sure you have the area of refuge systems that will be there to help. With over 20 years of experience and a wide array of satisfied customers, our area of refuge products will help your facility be connected to help at the press of a button. Take a moment to fill out a brief form that will instantly calculate and email a proposal for your consideration.

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