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Video Security at School

School Video Intercom Systems: Because Safety is a Must

The world was shocked when the horrific images scrolled across their television sets on April 20, 1999. Two gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold calmly walked through their high school killing thirteen people and injuring many more. The tragedy at Columbine High School left an indelible mark for school safety and we knew things would never be the same. Since then, several other school shootings have happened leaving teachers, parents and students wondering when the next one will occur? So what is the answer? How can we ensure that our children are safe while also keeping budgetary concerns in mind? The answer is found in a school video intercom system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. 

school video intercom system

Enhance Security with our School Video Intercom System

Our school video intercom system uses radio frequencies for operation, so your system isn’t dependent on a wifi signal or some other connection. Radio frequencies ensure your system will be working at all times. Another benefit to our school video intercom system is that these systems are wireless, saving your school time and money on installation costs. No need for expensive re-wiring or infrastructure, simply set up these systems at entry points and enjoy the next measure of security in your school video intercom system.

In monitoring entryways for your school facility, our school video intercom system gives you the ability to see who is trying to access your facility. Simply check-in on your portable screen to see who is at the entrance before granting access. With motion activation, your school video intercom system captures images of those who request access. So even if you happen to look away, your school video intercom system will give you a picture of whoever was at the entry point. Even communicate with the person through clear two-way communication offered through our school video intercom system. 

school video intercom security

Wireless Non-Video Intercom System Available

If your school is not ready to take the next step and install a video intercom system, consider also a wireless non-video intercom solution. With a door station and indoor handset intercoms, the whole school can remain connected. Talk to staff from room to room and get messages to the right person in seconds. Also guard the entry ways and require visitors to identify themselves before entering the school doors.

Ensure your school has the best in school wireless intercom system technology by purchasing a system from BEC. Ready to see what a wireless intercom system will cost? We have an online quote tool that can help guide you through each step of the process and create an instant customized quote for you to consider.

Video Intercom - Wireless is the Way to Go

You can’t prevent every possible scenario, but with our school video intercom system in place, you’ll be able to securely monitor activity at each entryway. Give your teachers and students extra peace of mind in knowing entrances are being monitored at all times through the dependable security solutions found in our school video intercom system

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