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What You Really Need at the Mall

What You Really Need at the Mall

Recent data shows that the average American will visit a mall once a month. That means over the course of the average week, millions of people around the country will be roaming through the stores looking for the latest sales and items. With more people comes a heightened security risk. After all, most shopping malls don’t have the budget to have a large security staff. That’s where we come in with the Mall Security Duress Alarm system. This revolutionary product will help to track and monitor activity in your shopping center, and provide a safe and dependable security solution for your needs. 

Mall security duress alarm

Enhance Security with Our Mall Security Duress Alarm System

Expand your Mall Security Duress Alarm system to cover all sides of your facility. Whether you are a small chain of stores or a large shopping mall, you can install repeaters and locators to expand the coverage of your Mall Security Duress Alarm system. The system also provides a reliable way to track and monitor activity. With our press button pendants and wall alarm buttons, you can have the confidence in knowing emergency alerts are always near by. Shoppers or security personnel can sound an alarm and know the situation will be handled quickly. Our Mall Security Duress Alarm system comes with a fast communication channel to provide quick and direct messaging. Best of all, this system can use pagers, text, phone calls, LED reader boards and a host of other communication means to be able to spread messaging quickly throughout. The Mall Security Duress Alarm system accepts most security devices you already have in your building, so pairing your devices with the system is a simple process. 

Design a Mall Security Duress Alarm System for Your Needs

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide only the best in Mall Security Duress Alarm systems for our clients. With over 20 years experience, our team of expert staff will help guide you in designing a perfect Mall Security Duress Alarm system for your facility needs. Each Mall Security Duress Alarm system comes pre-programmed for you at no additional charge and we offer discounted project pricing. Installation is made simple as professional companies are available in most areas to help install your Mall Security Duress Alarm system. With so much foot traffic in your shopping mall, be sure that you have the equipment in place to keep people safe. You’ll find everything you need in our Mall Security Duress Alarm system. 

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