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Area of Rescue: The Cry for Help

Area of Rescue: The Cry for Help

We all remember the story of Aron Ralston, an adventurer who was trapped while rock climbing in Utah in 2003. After having his arm pinned against a rock, Ralston made the difficult choice to cut off his own arm in order to have a chance to survive. For 127 hours, Ralston’s cries for help went unheeded and unheard causing him to do whatever it took to survive. 

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Help is Just a Button Away with Our Area of Rescue Systems

Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are places and locations where cries for help can go unnoticed. Parking garages, staircases, basements and other locations can become a nightmare for people who are in need of help. 

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide a solution to those in need of help during an emergency with our Area of Rescue systems. These Area of Rescue systems can mean the difference between life or death. In a medical, fire or safety emergency a person can press the emergency call button on our Area of Rescue systems and be connected in seconds to someone who can help. The Area of Rescue system sends both audio and visual signaling to the main annunciator panel, alerting security personnel of an emergency. Clear two-way communication is established as your staff decide how to address the situation or emergency. After the emergency is taken care of, personnel can reset the system from the control station. 

Our Area of Rescue systems are compliant with all ADA and governmental regulations and are simple to use for any emergency. We offer the 4200 and 4800 Cornell Area of Rescue systems to help provide emergency notification services for your facility. These Area of Rescue products are reliable, affordable and will give your people peace of mind in knowing help is just a button press away. When people need help, don’t let their cries go unheard. You can have the confidence in knowing that if a fire, medical or safety emergency arises, your employees will have access to help even in the most remote locations of your facility. 

Get a Free Quote for Your Area of Rescue System

Not sure what you need? Check out our free online quote tool which will guide you in designing a Area of Rescue system for your residential or commercial property. We offer discounted project bids and design assistance for your Area of Rescue system.

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