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3 Reasons to Choose Two-Way Radios for Retail Stores and Buildings

It’s inevitable. A customer has a complaint and the department manager is nowhere to be found. Staff hustle back and forth, sweeping the area in an unsightly attempt to locate the missing manager, all while the irritated customer watches in utter disgust. On a good day, most customers will politely smile and shift from leg to leg while they uncomfortably wait to ask a simple question that the cashier can’t seem to answer. But today is different. The department manager has been in and out of meetings doing simple employee reviews, and of course today is the day that an irritable customer “needs to speak with your manager NOW!”

Does this story sound familiar? Maybe a few details have been missed or changed, but in the end, it always seems that management is needed the most when they are unavailable. There is a solution to this lack of communication among employees and we would like to present these three reasons why using two-way radios within your retail store or office building is a must.

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Keep Lines of Communication Open with Two-way Radios

The story above explains exactly why lines of communication need to be kept open between staff. Maybe the story changes on a day to day basis. Whether it’s “cleanup in aisle 12” or a child asking “where is mommy”, there is never a dull moment in retail. Equipping staff with two-way radios provides them with the tools they need to have questions answered quickly and jobs assigned pronto. Loud overhead speakers are not always the best method of announcing issues and certainly don’t allow individual questions to be answered for the whole store to hear. Two-way radios, however, keep extra noise to a minimum and keep the communication lines wide open.

Improving Communication Increases Efficiency

Sometimes employees don’t know the answer to every question. With two-way radios, a manager can both answer a question promptly without running from one end of the store to the other. Rather than being paged over the loudspeaker to come answer a question, two-way radios allow that question to be answered momentarily. Time is saved and management can literally seem as though they are in three places at one time.

Happy Customers Come Back

In regards to that irritated customer in the beginning of the story who is still waiting to speak with management, let us tell you, he/she will most likely not be returning to your store anytime soon after being put through a wait like this. Using a two-way radio, department managers can be located momentarily and be on their way to the front in a fraction of the time that it takes without the radios. In retail, we know that the customer is always right. And even if they are not right – they are still right! Because we need them and they need us. Keep your customers happy and they will come back!

There are many more reasons why two-way radios are a must for retail stores and large buildings and facilities. Communication is the number one key to keeping a smoothly functioning business. Consider these useful, affordable two-way radios and see what they can do for you and your business. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding our reliable two-way radio communication devices.

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