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Home Intercom System: It’s More than a Trend, It’s a Must

There have been several trends in homeownership over the years. Granite countertops, jetted tubs, crown molding and other upgrades tended to be the must of any new home purchase. But there may be something you aren’t thinking of that could be a vital addition to your home. We’re talking about a home intercom system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions. By installing a home intercom system, you will be able to improve the value of your home while also improving on security, communication, entertainment and so much more.

Our home intercom system is equipped with the latest in intercom technology, allowing you to place private calls to individual stations or to a group of stations throughout your home. Gone are the days of yelling down the stairs for the kids to come up for dinner. Simply press a button and communication is heard loud and clear to a group of units or to select units. Each home intercom system is customizable to meet your needs allowing the system to grow. If your home has an existing intercom system, our home intercom system can serve as an ideal replacement. You won’t need to tear out wiring or worry about expensive replacements as our home intercom system uses most existing wiring configuration to provide the best possible intercom system on the market today.

Home intercom system

A home intercom system comes with an optional video monitoring feature. This allows you to see who is going and coming from your home. The master station has a brilliant LCD monitor and each unit in the system has its own source and volume control. You can have confidence in the extra measure of security monitoring our home intercom system provides. So whether it’s the mailman or a guest, you can see your front door activity.

Home intercom system video monitoring

An added benefit of a home intercom system is the ability to turn your home into an entertainment center. Our systems come equipped with AM/FM radio and some even offer CD changers and auxiliary inputs to hookup MP3 players and other music devices. Each station plays music throughout your home, but source control is featured in each room. So you can enjoy music in the kitchen while someone enjoys an AM/FM station in another room. All of this, at an affordable price.

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We’ve been the industry leader for over two decades in home intercom systems. Intercom technology can be an added benefit to your home in combining enhancements in communication, strengthening security and in providing entertainment.

Receiving a customized home intercom quote is easy. Simply fill out the questions in the following form and let us design a system that will either replace your current system or serve as a new installation for those of you who have yet to experience the convenience and security of an intercom system. Contact us today, and let us show you the numerous benefits of one of our home intercom systems.

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