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3 Lies You Believe About Home Intercom Systems

Let’s face it, you’ve heard a lot about home intercom systems that are on the market today. Maybe your neighbor raved about theirs at the last BBQ or you saw your Grandparents home intercom system collecting dust because it broke 10 years ago and was never fixed. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are on, certain perceptions are out there about home intercom systems. In fact, we’d like to debunk several of the popular responses to purchasing a home intercom system. Here are three we hear most often: 

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I would never use a home intercom system

Often times, they have in their minds that home intercom is merely a push to talk walkie-talkie and they don’t see the need for it. Home intercom is much more than communication although recent innovation has greatly enhanced the communication functions of a typical home intercom system. We offer home intercom systems with station select, allowing you to communicate with one or multiple stations throughout your home or office. But that’s not all. With entry camera, door release function and other features, your standard home intercom system helps you monitor who is going and coming from your home. Lastly, our home intercom system can also be an oasis of entertainment. Host your own dance party with the family as you stream your favorite tunes in brilliant sound throughout your home intercom system. These systems come with several options of inputs including AM/FM presets, bluetooth and MP3 connections. All that to say, your home intercom system is what you make of it and we know you’ll get a lot of use out of a system from BEC. 

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Home Intercom is Expensive

The number one factor in purchasing a home intercom system is the cost. At BEC, we take affordability very seriously and that’s why we offer many levels of home intercom systems to be able to meet the needs of your facility. We also offer an online quote tool that is free to use and will show you exactly how much your system will cost. Purchase one component of the system and then expand your system as the needs of your home or office expand. 

A Home Intercom System is Hard to Install

Another major concern for clients is in installing a home intercom system. After all, most people don’t have “expert electrician” as a bullet point on their resume. At BEC, we offer home intercom systems that can often be installed with your current wiring in your old system. You read that right. Often times, our home intercom system installation is as easy as disconnecting your old system and re-connecting the new system in its place. If you are needing a new installation, we offer professional installation services in most areas to be able to help install your home intercom system. 

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we provide the best in home intercom technology. Our systems have been installed in a variety of residential and commercial applications and each systems helps to enhance communication, security and even provide entertainment in whatever setting they are installed in. Make your decision about home intercom by experiencing it for yourself as you enjoy a home intercom system from BEC Integrated Solutions. 

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