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Valet Video: Luxury = Affordable

Valet Home Video Intercom: Luxury Meets Affordability

It’s a classic move by wealthy people. You’ve seen it in the movies. A well-dressed man pulls up to the curb in a shiny sports car. The door opens and two polished dress shoes hit the pavement. As the door closes, the suave looking man flips his keys towards the valet and says “Take it easy on her.” This is a picture of luxury most of us only dream of.  

Many people associate the term valet with that of helping with cars, luggage or a variety of other service tasks. But did you know you can have your own valet in your home or office? Of course, we’re talking about the latest in technological innovation with our valet home video intercom.

valet home video intercom

Experience the Valet Home Video Intercom System

This elite home intercom system is equipped with a variety of features you are sure to enjoy. First, the valet home video intercom features front door monitoring to allow you to view guests or others at your entryway. Even integrate CCTV cameras to give different video feeds of your property turning your valet home video intercom into an enhanced security system. 

Another useful feature of our valet home video intercom is the communication aspects of the system. With selective room calling, privacy mode, audio and input control for each unit and the expansion of up to 20 room stations, the valet home video intercom will cover your home with an easy method of communication. No more yelling up the stairs when dinner is ready, or walking out to the garage to ask your husband a question. With our valet home video intercom, communication is as easy as pressing a button on the master LCD colour monitor. Replies can be answered hands-free as well. 

The valet home video intercom isn’t just a help in securing your residence or providing intercom communication features. The system also has music distribution features to turn your home into an entertainment hub. With multiple AM/FM presets and other music inputs, you can have endless hours or entertainment in streaming your favorite tunes throughout your home. Dance parties can be a regular event at your home, even if it’s just you making dinner. 

valet home video intercom

Find Out How Affordable a Valet Home Video Intercom Can Be

Luxury has met affordability with our valet home video intercom. At BEC Integrated Solutions, we pride ourselves in being able to provide elite intercom systems for our clients to enjoy. Use our free online quote form which will give you a customized quote for your valet home video intercom. Don’t wait, your valet system is ready to make your home and extra special place!

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