Truth In Numbers: Our Nurse Call

Truth In Numbers: Our Nurse Call System

These days, courtroom dramas seem to be always on our television screens. The stories are always gripping with an up and down rollercoaster of emotions and questions constantly seeking to know, “Who did it?” But what if those courtroom dramas had this scenario as their plot. A person is being tried for a crime and has over 2,500 eyewitnesses who saw what took place? There wouldn’t be much deliberation in the courtroom would it? The enormity of eyewitnesses would prove what was true and what was false. Firsthand experience matters and that’s why we’re proud to have our nurse call system installed in over 2,500 medical facilities across the country. These medical facilities range from senior care facilities to multi-campus hospital systems with each agreeing that a nurse call system from BEC Integrated Solutions provides the durability and efficiency needed in a nurse call system.

Nurse call system notification

Reasons Our Nurse Call System is the Best

Our nurse call system features the best in mass notification technology, relaying information to your staff in a quick and direct way. This mass notification can be transmitted through pagers and cell phones, just two of the ten ways that our nurse call system notifies your staff, allowing them  to respond as quickly as possible. The nurse call system can also be accessed remotely to provide constant monitoring from anywhere in the world. Our statistical data gathering and analysis are also beneficial in helping you track and monitor data of your staff and patients. The nurse call system has several emergency alerts equipped as smoke, motion, glass break and water detectors will sound alarms should the need arise.

Our nurse call system also comes with helpful patient tracking and wander management software, allowing you to assist those patients in needs of supervision. The nurse call system has fall impact technology which alerts your staff if an elderly patient falls and is in need of assistance. Location information is also easily tracked by our nurse call system.

And best of all, our nurse call system is wireless - making your replacement or upgrade project a breeze! With wireless nurse call, you can be sure that your system will cover every corner of your facility without running new wires or making major renovation plans.

Wireless Nurse call System

Get an Instant Online Quote for Your Nurse Call System

So if you are looking for a nurse call system, trust a track record of over 2,500 medical facilities who are enjoying all the benefits and features of our elite level of nurse call systems. Your wireless nurse call system will be preprogrammed for you at no charge and we also offer free tech and programming support for the life of the system. Not sure what you need? Use our free online quote tool to determine the needs of your medical facility. When it comes to providing reliable and innovative nurse call systems to our products, we’re definitely guilty as charged.  

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