Top Employee: Wander Management

Mr. Wander Management: Your Newest Top Employee

He comes highly recommended because of his dependability. He’s been working in various long-term and senior care facilities all across the country. He is always on call and always on top of every situation. He monitors patient activity with accuracy and precision and alerts the proper channels should a patient leave their designated zone. His name is Wander Management and although he isn’t a person, his presence will help you in your facility with patient monitoring and care. 

wander management

Experience a Wander Management System from BEC

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have another pair of hands and eyes to help? We know your staff experience the everyday hustle and bustle of a healthcare facility. There are numerous daily tasks that need to be considered and your nurses work as hard as they can to be able to fulfill those tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to alleviate the tasks of monitoring patient activity? With our wander management technology, patients can be monitored in secured zones. Whether you have dementia patients or a host of other medical scenarios, our wander management systems allow patients free access to move around their designated zones all while being monitored by our tracking system. Gone are the days of patients slipping away outside a door or wandering into an area they shouldn’t be in. With our ResidentGuard technology, you can program wrist and neck pendants on patients to be able to allow them access to various locations in your facility. Best of all, your nurses will be alerted should an emergency arise. If a patient falls or happens to wander from their designated zones, alerts will be sent out quickly to allow your staff to address the situation. 

Our wander management systems are so advanced that they even automatically make adjustments to keep your patients safe. For example, let’s say you have a dementia patient who is walking near an unlocked door they can potentially open and exit from. With our wander management technology, the system will automatically lock the door so the patient wouldn’t be able to open and leave. This is just one of the numerous features in our line of wander management systems. 

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Get a Customized Quote for Your Wander Management System

If you are looking for a wander management system that is dependable, affordable and a system that can help alleviate some of the monitoring duties, look no further than a wander management system from BEC. We’ve been the industry leader for over 20 years in providing affordable wander management systems all around the globe! Use our online quote tool to create a customized quote for your wander management system. 

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