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Must-Have Upgrades for WNC

Must-Have Upgrades for Your Wireless Nurse Call System

When ordering at your favorite restaurant, often a waiter will try to up sell you on the benefits of adding to your order. After all, a cheeseburger is taken to a whole new level when you add smoky and crispy pieces of bacon or the restaurant’s special sauce. In all cases, these additions can enhance your overall experience. Wireless nurse call systems are no different in that there are a variety of optional software and equipment upgrades that can help increase the efficiency and functioning power of your wireless nurse call system

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Enhance your Wireless Nurse Call System with These Add-Ons

First, we offer security, fire and HVAC equipment to help you monitor and protect your patients. These systems are essential in having the proper tools in place to respond to a variety of emergency situations. Second, we offer patient wandering technology with our wireless nurse call system. This technology is a vital in being able to free up your staff to fulfill their assigned duties without having to constantly be present to monitor certain patients. If you have elderly or at-risk patients, our patient wandering technology works seamlessly with our wireless nurse call system to be able to track and monitor patient activity and data any time day or night. 

Another useful upgrade to our wireless nurse call system is our smoke, motion, glass break and water detectors. Installing these detectors will help bring a new level of monitoring and protection to your patients. Motion sensors respond quickly and directly to patient emergencies, allowing your staff to respond in a timely manner. The same is true for smoke sensors and glassbreak detectors. Each help your wireless nurse call system continue to monitor all of the patients in your care. Lastly, we complete your wireless nurse call system by adding memory care predictive software which tracks and sorts patient data to be able to read and organize into useful reporting. 

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Get a Free Quote for Your Wireless Nurse Call System

When purchasing a wireless nurse call system from BEC Integrated Solutions, you’ll experience a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the industry today. We pre-program your system at no additional charge and offer free technical and programming support for the life of your wireless nurse call system. No matter the size or needs of your facility, we offer a wireless nurse call system that can meet your specific facility needs. Use our online quote tool and receive a free quote! Don’t miss your chance to take your wireless nurse call system to the next level by looking at several optional softwares and equipment that can help make your system even more efficient. 

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