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A Button to Save a Life

A Button to Save a Life

Fear grips Sandra as she hides under her desk in a corner cubicle. All around her, panic has ensued shattered the routine of a normal day at work. She can’t reach her office phone as it is lying in the middle of the floor unplugged. Her cell phone is in her purse on her desk, but she is afraid of making any sudden movements. Then she spots it. A small light coming from the emergency panic button just a few feet away on the wall that had been installed just months before. Summoning the courage, Sandra crawls across the floor and presses the button. Alarms begin to ring and she knows that help is on the way. 

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The Best Security Solution is our Wireless Panic Alarm System

The above was a fictional account of a very true reality in our modern-day world. In an instant, the mundane routine can become an all out battle for survival. In those times of emergency, it is important to have the systems in place to give you and your staff an access to the emergency personnel. That connection to rescue is found in our Wireless Panic Alarm System. Here at BEC Integrated Solutions, security isn’t just a product, it is a promise. We know that when it comes to the safety and well-being of your staff, you want a system that is dependable and reliable to help in any emergency situation. 

Our Wireless Panic Alarm System has been installed in colleges, business offices, apartment complexes, gated communities, senior care healthcare facilities, nursing homes and a variety of other commercial and residential settings. No matter the size or situation, our Wireless Panic Alarm System can cover your property or building to keep it safe. Using repeaters and locators, your Wireless Panic Alarm System can expand to cover more area as your security needs expand. Best of all, our Wireless Panic Alarm System can integrate with existing security devices already in your facility. Send mass emergency notifications through pagers, text messages, LED reader boards and so much more. This Wireless Panic Alarm System pairs seamlessly with your devices to give you an all-in-one security solution for your building. 

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Get a Free Quote for Your Wireless Panic Alarm System

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Simply contact us and we'll help you find a perfect Wireless Panic Alarm System for your building needs. We realize that no two situations are exactly alike so we don’t force a one size fits all Wireless Panic Alarm System on you. 

In our world, security is a necessity for your business. We know you’ll get the best in emergency response systems when you purchase a Wireless Panic Alarm System from BEC Integrated Solutions. 

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