Your New Personal Assistant! WNC

A Personal Assistant for Your Healthcare Facility

The personal assistant. The position is typified in many movies and TV shows with a humorous tone. A boss will enter the office giving commands to his assistant who is vigorously scribbling down notes on a piece of paper with the hopes that she will be able to remember everything. Yet these seemingly unimportant roles in an organization are vital to the success of the business. After all, an owner or boss would be bogged down with many simple tasks that are taken care of by a personal assistant. Meetings would be missed, memos not sent all because the assistant wouldn't be there to accomplish those tasks. In your medical facility, we’d like to offer you an extra assistant for your healthcare needs. This personal assistant is never late, has excellent communication skills and will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of your staff. Of course, we’re talking about the MV400 Wireless Nurse Call from BEC Integrated Solutions. 

MV400 Wireless Nurse Call

Increase Efficiency with Our MV400 Wireless Nurse Call System

Our MV400 Wireless Nurse Call is an ideal solution for small to mid-sized medical facilities who are looking to improve the workflow and care for their patients. The MV400 Wireless Nurse Call can schedule duties and tasks for your nurses and staff to perform throughout the day. Like a personal assistant, the MV400 Wireless Nurse Call allows your staff to be reminded of these tasks through direct communication which can be sent through pagers, text messages, LED reader boards, calls and many other communication mediums. This organization helps your staff be able to establish a routine schedule which can help provide great care for your patients. 

The MV400 Wireless Nurse Call system is also a helpful tool for emergency communication or alarms. Communication is relayed quickly and directly, allowing your staff to respond to any need. With user-friendly programming, 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, 20 character display, replaceable batteries, alarm reset capability and a host of other features, you will enjoy the speed and dependability in our MV400 Wireless Nurse Call system. 

Get a Free Quote for Your MV400 Wireless Nurse Call System

Your MV400 Wireless Nurse Call system is pre-programmed for you at no additional charge and we even offer free programming and technical support for the life of the system. The MV400 Wireless Nurse Call will be a vital addition to your healthcare facility. Design a MV400 Wireless Nurse Call system that is perfect for your facility needs. Use our free online quote tool which will guide you step by step in determining what you will need for your situation. We’re confident you will enjoy the numerous benefits and features of our MV400 Wireless Nurse Call system. 

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