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Nursing Home Call Light System

3 Tools to Save a Life: Nursing Home Call Light System

This holiday season will be full of laughter, joy and time with family and friends. But for some families, this time of the year will be life-changing. According to most medical data and research, 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year with many falls being serious. In those cases, seconds matter in the severity of the injury. When an elderly person falls, often their lack of mobility doesn’t allow them to get the help they need. This can prove fatal depending on the fall and the situation. 

nursing home call light system

Three Essential Components of Nursing Home Call Light Systems

In nursing homes and senior care facilities, a nursing home call light system is an essential piece of equipment to help care for elderly patients. These systems help to monitor patient activity while providing a quick and direct emergency response should a need arise. The nursing home call light system has three tools that will help provide the support you need to care for those in your medical facility. 

nursing home call light system

Nursing Home Call Light System - Neck and Wrist Pendants 

These comfortable tools allow your patients to be mobile and enjoy their surroundings. Your patients can move about the facility and space with ease and enjoy the day to day life in your nursing home or other senior care facility. These pendants come with monitoring and tracking capabilities to help you know what is going on. That means, if you have a patient who wanders out of their designated area, the pendant will alert you as to where the patient is. Should a fall or other emergency happen, alarms will be transmitted to allow your staff to respond as soon as possible. 

nursing home call light system

Nursing Home Call Light System - Fall Prevention

With monitors, sensor, bed and chair pads and an assortment of other tools, the nursing home call light system allows you to help prevent catastrophic falls from your patients by equipping you with the technology needed to be alerted to potential falls. Bed sensors can alert you when a patient is attempting to get out of bed to help your staff assist the person in need. Other floor sensors are activated when a patient falls or more weight is applied, giving you an alert that something is wrong. Each one of these fall prevention devices help you provide the best care especially for those patients with mobility concerns. 

nursing home call light system

Nursing Home Call Light System - Alarm Response

When an emergency arises, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. With our nursing home call light system, communication and alarms are sent quickly and directly through several communication channels. Whether it is walkie-talkies, smartphones, touchscreens or other devices, your staff will be alerted to the need with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to respond as quickly as possible. 

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Don’t be caught off guard this holiday season as you care for your patients. Have the tools you need to safely monitor activity and respond in any emergency situation. Use our online quote form and we’ll create a customized quote for your nursing home call light system. 

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