Increase Efficiency with Pagers!

Wireless Nurse Call Pagers Increase Healthcare Facility Efficiency

At BEC Integrated Solutions, we understand the importance of offering a variety of nurse call system pagers to increase your facility’s overall efficiency. In healthcare facilities like hospitals, urgent care, and clinics, communication between the patients and staff is vital. One tool that can greatly aid in efficient and effective communication is a pager, which alerts staff members when a specific patient or fellow staff needs help. Our pagers are compatible with either our PC based wireless nurse call system or our wireless MV400 nurse call system. If your facility is equipped with one of these systems, our nurse call system pagers can be a helpful tool to aid in increasing your hospital’s efficiency. Our variety of pagers is sure to offer the perfect option for your facility.

The following are the different pagers that we offer, along with the unique characteristics each one has to offer:

Wireless Nurse Call 715-924 Mini Pocket Pager

Our 715-924 Mini Pocket Pager is the most basic and cost effective pager that we have to offer. This pager displays one line of text at a time and is the perfect size to fit in a staff member’s pocket. Paired with one of our wireless nurse call systems, this pocket pager is sure to increase your facility's efficiency.

Mini Pocket Pager

Wireless Nurse Call 715-AG Apollo Gold Pocket Pager

The 715-AG Apollo Gold Pocket Pager is one step up from the Mini Pocket Pager. The display of the 715-AG Apollo Gold Pocket Pager shows four lines of text at a time, which allows staff members to view more information in a shorter period of time.

Apollo Gold Pocket Pager

Wireless Nurse Call 715-DT Desk Mount Pager

Our 715-DT Desk Mount Pager is yet another step up in quality. With a 4.75” by 1” screen that allows the capacity of four lines of text, the 715-DT Desk Mount Pager is a convenient way to obtain information quickly. A quality stand allows this pager to be set on any surface, but also contains a loud buzzer so that the staff can easily be alerted when a call is made.

Desk Mount Pager

Wireless Nurse Call 715-HD Desk Mount Pager

Our 715-HD Desk Mount Pager also displays four lines of text at a time and is surface mountable as well. In addition, the 715-HD Desk Mount Pager is both dust and water resistant. Normal wear and tear will not affect this durable pager. Also, our 715-HD Desk Mount Pager includes a charging base so that staff members will not have to worry about low batteries throughout the day.

Desk Mount Pager

All of our pagers are a component of our PC based wireless nurse call or our MV400 system. The alpha-numeric screens include 1200 baud and 467.8000Mhz. In order to operate, our pagers also require the installation of our SPS5 Pocket Pager Transmitter. The SPS5 Pocket Pager Transmitter is available in either a two or five watt model, which have 450 or 470Mhz respectively. The pagers will not function without the use of both a nurse call system and a SPS5 Pocket Pager Transmitter.

Pocket Pager Transmitter

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