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5 Ways WNC Improves Healthcare

5 Ways Wireless Nurse Call Will Improve the Healthcare Industry  

The healthcare industry is continuously developing new technologies in order to remain abreast in today’s society. Patients and their families are choosing to visit the most advanced facilities in order to ensure the best healthcare possible. Join the ever growing market and choose a wireless nurse call system that will bring your facility into the 21st century. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and more can become a part of the improvements that wireless nurse call will bring to the New Year. Consider these five reasons why wireless nurse call will improve the healthcare industry.

Spend Budgeted Money Wisely

Don’t let your budget be cut this year because you weren’t able to spend the funds on the right supplies. Budget wisely by investing in a wireless nurse call system that will improve your healthcare facility. Not only will your staff appreciate the update, but your budget will thank you as well. Our wireless nurse call systems can be purchased in smaller batches in order to fit your facility’s budget. No more spending millions at one time when the money is just not there. Purchase components in sizeable batches. Your wireless nurse call system will be completely functional from the start and can be added to over the months or years as the budget allows.

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Streamlines Communication during Emergencies

During emergency situations it is crucial to have a dependable communication system within your healthcare facility. Never miss an important message with the installation of a wireless nurse call system. Your facility’s communication will instantly improve, and ultimately the overall efficiency will increase. Our goal is to save lives by providing the most efficient, dependable wireless nurse call system on the market today. Emergency response time will be bettered and virtually more lives will be saved.

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Relays Messages More Accurately

Knowing when to prioritize one patient’s needs over another is essential when staff is being pulled in multiple directions. No, we don’t mean you should ignore Nancy’s request for dinner, or Bob’s wish for having the TV channel changed, however, with wireless nurse call, more accurate messages can be relayed in order to prioritize emergency patients. Even implement the ability to track wandering patients or fallen patients with a wireless nurse call system. Situations such as these require a different kind of attention, and we are glad to provide many options with our wireless nurse call system in order to meet these needs.

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Provides Comfort to Patients and Their Families

Just knowing that the best emergency system is in place allows patients and their families to rest assured that they are being given the best care. With wireless nurse call patients can remain comfortable knowing that help is just the touch of a button, pull of a cord, or shifting of body weight away. The options are plenty when you are determined to provide the best care to patients.

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Leads the Way in Hospital Technology

Wireless nurse call is already improving the year by providing the most advanced healthcare technology on the market today. Be a leader in the healthcare industry and update your facility’s technology to our innovative wireless nurse call system. It has never hurt anyone to be a leader in technology, so start today!

With more than 2,500 healthcare facilities using our systems, we know how wireless nurse call can improve. Our systems are delivered pre-programmed and include free tech and programming support for the entire life of the system! Ask us about large order discounted pricing and local installation options. We are excited to share wireless nurse call with the healthcare industry and look forward to adding your facility to the improving statistics of your fiscal year!

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