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Why Choose Wireless Nurse Call?

Patients: The Heart of Why We Choose Wireless Patient Call

Wireless patient call systems are becoming more and more common in the healthcare industry and we’re here to tell you why. Some may say there are numerous reasons as to why they would integrate a wireless patient call system into their healthcare facility, and although there are, consider the most important purpose for installing one of these systems. Patients; the sole most important reason that we choose wireless call systems is for them. Although increasing efficiency and saving hard earned dollars is important to business owners in the industry, we want to remind you that servicing your patients quickly and adequately is the entire premise of why we endorse a wireless patient call system.

Consider the following areas where wireless patient call technology is essential in the healthcare industry.

Alzheimer & Dementia Wireless Patient Call System

Wandering patients such as those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have proven their need for a patient call system. Whether they purposely call for help with this technology, or help is automatically called for them – we know that wireless patient call technology has saved lives. Our wireless patient call system, more commonly known as nurse call, has the ability to pair with a patient wandering system that will automatically signal staff help when a patient enters a forbidden area or simply wanders too far from his/her room. Due to the forgetful nature of these patients, patient wandering technology simply keeps them safe without the need for hovering staff at all times. Consider a wireless patient call system for your nursing home or assisted living facility.

Heart and Vascular Wireless Patient Call System

Cardiac units service patients with heart problems all day, every day. Consider a wireless patient call system that will allow staff to continue with their daily duties while giving heart patients the security they need at the tip of their fingers. Even instill motion sensor or weight shifting pads that will instantly signal help without a conscious action taken by the patient. Ensuring a safe environment for all patients should be a priority for every hospital.

Emergency Room Wireless Patient Call System

Emergency rooms with a wireless patient call system can remain in constant communication by using pagers, reader boards, domes lights and more. Keep calls prioritized with a wireless patient call system that will allow staff to know who to attend to first. If one life is saved using a wireless patient call system, then it will be worth the investment. We believe, however, that many lives will be saved with a wireless patient call system!

There are many other applications for wireless patient call systems – maternity wards, psych wards, hospitals, doctors’ offices and more have all benefited from this ground breaking technology. We provide a system that will be pre-programmed for your facility and we offer free tech support for the life of your system. Professional installation is also available in most areas! We encourage you to contact us today for a full system discounted quote. Your patients will be thankful that you did!

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